The 5 Best Insoles for Running Shoes (Our 2024 Review)

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While there are many parts of your body which are important when you are running, few can be more significant than the soles of your feet.

They are literally where your feet ‘meet the street,’ so making them as comfortable as possible is essential, otherwise you are in for a difficult or even painful run. The way many runners ensure that their soles are safe and comfortable is with the use of insoles, which are placed inside their running shoes.

In this article, we will review 5 of the best insoles for running and highlight their most important features and benefits.

We’re going to review the following insoles for running:

Best Insoles For Running Reviews

Walk Hero Comfort And Support Insoles

While these insoles from ‘Walk Hero’ are primarily designed to be used in running shoes, they are also suitable for other types of footwear so they can keep you your feet comfortable at all times.

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Product Highlights

The main material used in these insoles is EVA which is ideal for providing a great shock absorber for the soles of your feet.

They can absorb the impact of each stride to reduce any potential pain plus reduce the chances of injuries to your heels, soles, and toes. The surface is anti-microbial which helps reduce odors too.

This EVA material also makes the insoles breathable as it can soak up any sweat your feet produce and thus help to keep them cool. Reducing this moisture is also a very effective way of minimizing the chances of blisters occurring on your feet.

in order to help keep your foot position optimized as you run, the insoles have a deep heel cup which also aids the stabilization.

Further support is found in the arch area and this not only reduces pain if you suffer from overpronation or plantar fasciitis, but it also adds to the overall comfort of the insoles.

What I Like

By absorbing as much moisture as they can, including sweat, these insoles help to keep your feet cool, with the added benefit of minimizing the risk of blisters when you are running.

What I Don’t Like

As is often the case when shoe sizes are concerned the sizing of these insoles seems to require that you order a size down from your running shoe size to ensure that it fits inside properly.


  • Breathable EVA material
  • Deep heel cup for stability
  • Arch support reduces stress
  • Anti-microbial to reduce odors
  • Suitable for most footwear types


  • Very rigid when new
  • High arch may not suit all

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Envelop Gel Inserts For Running Shoes

If you are not keen on foam inserts or insoles, a great alternative is to use ones made from gel. These gel insoles from Envelop are a simple, but effective option to make your running shoes more comfortable.

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Product Highlights

Some of the biggest issues that runners have are injuries and pain that can be caused by the impact when each foot hits the ground.

That problem is significantly reduced thanks to the shock absorption which these insoles provide across the entirety of your foot, not least because of their ergonomic honeycomb design that matches the contours of your foot.

Stability is also very important when running, and this is addressed by the base of the insole having a textured grip. This greatly reduces the risk of your foot slipping, adds stability and as a result, it makes them more comfortable too. Less slippage and abrasion also help to prevent issues such as blistering and painful corns.

The design and contours of these insoles can aid those who suffer from ailments such as plantar fasciitis, painful arches, sore heels, and they’re also very effective at reducing foot fatigue.

The use of gel as the main material helps to prolong the lifetime of these insoles as it provides a level of durability that many other materials can’t. They are also anti-microbial, so odors are eliminated. They are even washable should you want to make them smell even fresher

What I Like

Every runner knows that being stable underfoot is a must, and with these insoles having a honeycomb design on both sides it should ensure that every stride you take is secure.

What I Don’t Like

While they stay in place well when running, they have an annoying tendency to occasionally want to follow your feet out of your running shoe when taking them off.


  • Honeycomb contouring for stability
  • Ergonomic design for maximum support
  • Anti-microbial to eliminate odors
  • Cushioned support to absorb impacts
  • Washable to keep them fresh


  • Tend to retain sweat
  • May need trimming to fit

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Physix Gear Sport Full Length Orthotic Inserts

For running insoles which provide everything you would want them to, such as support, shock absorption, and comfort, you definitely need to consider these from Physix.

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Product Highlights

These Physix running shoe insoles are made from high-quality EVA foam and a PU composite material. The effect of this combination is to not only make the insoles very durable, but more importantly they provide a high level of comfort and support.

The anti-microbial material also ensures that even on the hottest and sweatiest of running days, your feet should stay fresh and odor-free

Within the heel area, you have a deep cradle which provides excellent stability, not only for runners but for participants in other physical pastimes too, such as ball sports or rock climbing as these insoles are ideal for different types of footwear. 

They can also be used for less strenuous scenarios such as a job that requires you to stand for long periods of time.

They are lightweight and ergonomically designed to provide optimum levels of comfort, and they also act as shock absorbers for your feet. Arch support is another feature of these insoles, albeit some may find it a bit inflexible.

Nevertheless, for most it will provide relief for conditions such as flat feet and shin splints, for example.

For the construction of the insoles, Physix has used dual-layered foam, and while we would like to have seen this being a bit thicker, it still provides a very high level of comfort and cushioning.

What I Like

The deep heel cradle is an excellent feature which will ensure runners, walkers, hikers, and others simply using them in their everyday footwear have maximum stability in this crucial area.

What I Don’t Like

These seem very wide and as such, it can sometimes be difficult to get them inside running shoes, especially those which are narrow.


  • Comfortable dual-layered construction
  • Durable EVA foam
  • Deep heel cradle for stability
  • Suitable for multiple types of footwear
  • Anti-microbial top layer


  • Cushioning could be thicker
  • Arch support is too rigid

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Wernies Sneaker and Running Shoe Inserts

Some insoles are made from foam, others from gel, but with these Wernies running shoe inserts you get the best of both worlds as they are manufactured using a combination of both gel and foam.

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Product Highlights

These are what might be called ‘universal’ insoles as they can be used in several footwear types such as work boots and sneakers, but they are especially effective in running shoes.

They’re contoured in such a way that they offer support along the entire length of your foot from the heel to your toes. The heel cup is deep to provide stability in that area, and there is also a non-slip grip in the heel as well as in the area where the ball of your foot lands.

The honeycomb design across the surface allows the pressure to be more evenly distributed so that the upward stress on the soles of your feet is minimized and the arch area is reinforced to provide maximum support in that vital area of your foot.

We mentioned in the into that these insoles are manufactured from a gel and foam combination which allow them to be very flexible while providing a high level of comfort. The material is also anti-microbial to reduce the risk of blisters and to keep odors to a minimum.

What I Like

The grips which are located at the ball of the foot and in the heel is a great addition to this insole as they provide additional stability when running.

What I Don’t Like

They are a bit smaller than the advertised size so in some running shoes which are larger than the actual size they may tend to move about slightly.


  • Anti-microbial to reduce odors
  • Reinforced arch support
  • Deep heel cup provides stability
  • Contoured for maximum comfort
  • Honeycomb design evenly distributes pressure


  • Very strong odor when new
  • ‘Squeak’ noise when walking

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Spenco Polysorb Athletic Shoe Insoles

These insoles from Spenco are not only ideal for use in running shoes, but they are suitable for other types of sports activities such as cross training and long distance walking.

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Product Highlights

The main attraction of these running shoe insoles is their shock absorption which is extremely important if you run regularly. The thick foam cushioning, which is Spenco’s own trademark ‘Polysorb’ foam, ensures that every step or stride is fully supported.

Shock absorption is enhanced further by the addition of a ‘crash pad’ in the area where the ball of your foot is located. In addition to this, there is a pad located underneath which also reduces any risk of injury from impacts.

To help reduce abrasion on your feet, these insoles stretch in four directions, and as the materials are anti-microbial, the buildup of sweat, moisture, and ultimately odor is greatly diminished.

The arch is designated as neutral, which means the insoles are more suited to those with a low arch. That doesn’t  mean if you have a high arch, they won’t be comfortable, but it is worth noting.

What I Like

The two crash pads which are located in the heel and the ball area respectively are an excellent way to reduce the pressure in those very sensitive areas of the foot.

What I Don’t Like

Although they have good arch support, they are most suited to low arches, so may not be as comfortable for those runners with high arches.


  • Thick foam for shock absorption
  • Anti-microbial to eliminate odors
  • Reduced sweat and moisture
  • Crash pads in heel/ball reduce pressure
  • Suitable for multiple sports


  • No wide-fit sizes
  • Difficult to trim to size

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Buyer’s Guide

Insoles for running shoes might not at first seem like a product where there is much to differentiate between them. This is an understandable thought given that insoles are relatively simple.

However, it is important that you take time to understand their most important features. The reason for this is the role that insoles have in helping your feet withstand the impact of each stride, which is obviously a factor in their well-being.

In the buying guide which follows you will see we have highlighted 6 of the main features of insoles for running shoes so you can better understand what you should be looking for and will be in a better position to compare the insoles we have reviewed.


There are normally two different types of material used for insoles. The first and most common is EVA which provides excellent cushioning and is very flexible. The other is silicone gel which has similar benefits. There are some running shoe insoles which combine both of these materials.


To be effective, a running shoe insole needs to give a high degree of protection to your feet, and this mostly involves absorbing the impact as your foot hits the ground as you are running. Insoles which are too thin or are made from materials that have poor cushioning properties should be avoided.


There are several ways in which insoles for your running shoes can provide high levels of comfort. The first is with the contouring of the insole, and how well it can mirror the shape of your foot. Obviously, the thickness of the insole’s cushioning plays a part, and you’ll also want to look for insoles which are breathable as this keeps your feet dry.


Running shoe insoles are very easy to use provided they are inserted and attached correctly. You may need to trim to size first, but otherwise, they are one of the simplest products you could ever buy.


Insoles are not very expensive and generally cost no more than $20, albeit there are some exceptions to that. Bear in mind the health of your feet is at stake, so do not choose inferior insoles simply because they are the cheapest.


Most insoles are sold in one of two ways in terms of sizing. One way is that they are a specific size which relates to normal shoe sizes. The other is that they cover a range of 3 or 4 sizes, and when you receive them you need to trim them down to your size if necessary.

Best Insoles for Running FAQs

Do I need a special insole for running?

Given that there’s greatly increased impact on your feet when you are running compared to walking then it is highly recommended that you use insoles for running rather than the ordinary insoles you’d buy for shoes.

These will have extra cushioning which will help to provide a level of shock absorption and they also provide enhanced support for an area of your foot such as the arch and heel.

How long do insoles last?

There are many factors that will influence how any pair of insoles will last so to give a definitive answer is nigh on impossible.

If used correctly a pair of insoles made from decent quality materials should be able to last for around two years, although this could be shortened if they are used more frequently.

How often should you replace insoles?

This should be assessed more on how effective the insoles are, rather than by some set time scale.

It stands to reason that you should change the insoles in your running shoes when you feel that they are no longer providing sufficient levels of comfort for your feet. Also, if they get damaged in any way, you should replace them.

How to put insoles in shoes

The first thing you want to check is whether or not the insole is a specific shoe size, or if it’s the type that requires you to trim it down to the desired shoe size.

Whichever it is, once you are ready to put the insole in the shoe, remove the old insole if there is one, and then turn the shoe upside down and shake it to ensure there’s no grit inside.

Next, put glue on the inner sole of the shoe and then fold the insole so that it can fit inside the shoe. Once inside press it down and leave until the glue sets.

How to reattach the insole of a running shoe

If the insole of your running shoe has come loose or is starting to detach it does not necessarily mean it needs replacing. Instead, you should be able to reattach it using a small amount of glue where it has come loose.

If the entire insole has detached, but it is still in good condition, then reattach it using the same process as in No. 4.

Final Thoughts on the Best Insoles for Running

Hopefully, our reviews of the best insoles for running along with the buying guide and FAQs have helped you to better understand what to look for when buying this type of product.

As always, we conclude with our choice of the No. 1 product from those we have reviewed, and this time it is << Wernies Sneaker and Running Shoe Inserts >>. Their top feature is the enhanced grip located at the ball of the foot, which will greatly help runners to get better traction.

Other great features include the reinforced arch support, the contouring which will make them more comfortable, and the honeycombing which evens out the pressure on the sole of your foot.

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