Hello.  I’m Steve “S.J.” Scott. 

I’m the owner of the Endurancely.com website. This website was founded by a love of running, hiking and all things endurance fitness by myself and my dedicated team.

I am an avid runner. Having been distance running for over 25 years, since I was a freshman in high school. I am also an avid hiker, trail runner and as I get older, I have been adding long walks to my weekly exercise routines.

In creating Endurancely I wanted to start a website that discusses all of these passions. Endurancely will do that. It will talk about all forms of “endurance fitness”. Any workouts that take time and effort to complete. Walking, running, trail running, hiking, and eventually even biking, ultra-marathoning, and other forms of distance exercise.

This website is meant to guide beginner and intermediate level to improve their ability in endurance fitness.

Who will benefit?  

I’ve designed Endurancely to help readers in a variety of ways. Here you’ll learn:

  • Tips for getting started running, walking and hiking
  • Motivation to continue running, walking and hiking
  • How to create habits for running, walking and hiking
  • Ideas for making small incremental improvement in race times
  • Understand the science and psychological principles behind all forms of endurance fitness
  • How to find the right gear for your running, walking, and hiking needs

There’s a lot to learn at Endurancely.com.  If you are new to endurance fitness and looking for a place to start I urge you to bing with a few of the “beginner” posts for endurance fitness.

Getting Started on Endurancely

There’s a lot to learn at Endurancely.com. If you are new to endurance fitness and looking for a place to start I urge you to bing with a few of the “beginner” posts for endurance fitness.

How to Start Running for Beginners: The Pain-Free Guide to Enjoy Your Runs

Hiking Essentials for Beginners: 11 Steps to Get Outdoors and Enjoy Your Hike!

How to Start a Walking Exercise Program – 17 Steps to Take Your First Steps

If you are just getting started in running, walking or hiking, I think you will find the above articles very educational. But if you are looking for some more endurance fitness content here are a few of the notable posts currently featured on Endurancely:

15 Health Benefits of Walking 10,000 Steps a Day

How to Train for a 5K in 8 Weeks or Less

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Jump Rope vs Running: Which is a Better Workout?

13 Best Running Podcasts to Inspire & Motivate Your Next Run

17 Best Audiobooks for Running

These are just a small sampling of what has been written here at Endurancely. Hopefully, you enjoy the journey so far and stay with us as we continue to grow and expand.

Steve’s Other Blogs

Steve is a serial blogger. Endurancely is just one of four blogs he owns and operates with the help of his blogging team. You can find more from Steve and his crew on these other sites:

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Thanks for your interest. Have a wonderful day.