7 Best Hiking Boots Under $50 (Review for 2023)

If you don’t have time to read the entire review and just want to find out what the best hiking boots under $50 is, then we recommend  the Nevados Women’s Boomerang II Mid V1082W Hiking Boot as the best choice.

One of the last things you probably want to experience when you’re half way through a hike is any type of discomfort, and your hiking boots are a big factor in whether or not that will happen.
The right pair of hiking boots will keep you comfortable for a long time, and despite what people may think, you don’t actually have to spend a fortune on them.
There are a lot of options out there for hiking boots that will cost you under $50 and get the job done just right. In this article, we will look at 7 of the best hiking boots under $50 that are on the market right now. These are:

But first, let’s discuss the things you should look for when you’re comparing your options.

What to Look For When Shopping for Hiking Boots


The upper part of a hiking boot protects and supports your feet with a snug fit. They should be flexible and mold to the shape of your foot. It is best to have uppers that are water resistant (or proof), yet allow your feet to breathe so you don’t develop blisters.

Heel counter

The heel counter is the insert behind the heel that gives your boot structure and your heel support.


Midsoles offer cushioning and shock absorption while also determining how stiff the boot is. Having a stiff midsole can be helpful on rocky or uneven ground because they can offer increased stability.


The outsole is the bottom of the hiking boot that touches the ground. They are primarily made from rubber, but can be made in a variety of densities to fill different purposes. While softer rubber will grip the ground better than harder rubber, they will also wear down faster.

Lug Pattern

The lugs are the bumps on the outsole of a hiking boot that gives it traction. Deep, thick lugs help improve grip and lugs that are spaced widely apart offer superior traction.

Now that you know the common terms you will come across in hiking shoe descriptions, let’s talk about the fit.

Boot Fit

How your boots fit is a principal factor in choosing the best option. You want to make sure that your hiking boots fit with your socks before going on a hike, so be sure to try them on with your hiking socks.  Keep in mind that your feet slightly change in size during hikes and throughout the day. Typically your feet are the largest in the afternoon, so this is the best time to try them on.

Having arch support can also improve the fit of your hiking boots. If you have custom orthotics, try on new boots while wearing your orthotics to make sure they fit correctly.

While you’re trying on your boots, notice any movement that your feet make in the boot while you’re walking. You don’t want your feet to be sliding forward or your heels to be lifting up as you walk. You want your boots to be snug, but not tight.

Type of Footwear Needed

Consider your typical terrain and the type of hiking you do to help you determine what type of boots you need.

Hiking shoes

This low-cut option has a flexible midsole and are ideal for day hikes or ultralight backpacking trips.

Day Hiking Boots

Day hiking boots can vary from mid- to high-cut styles and are made for either day hikes or light backpacking trips. They’re usually flexible and therefore don’t need a lot of break-in time. However, they don’t offer as much support as more heavy-duty options.

Backpacking Boots

Backpacking boots are made to help you carry heavier loads for a longer amount of time. Most backpacking boots wrap around the ankles to provide excellent support and are durable with stiffer midsoles than other options.

Now that you have an idea of what you’re looking for in a hiking boot, let’s look at some of the best options that are available that will cost you under $50

7 Best Hiking Boots Under $50

1. Nevados Women’s Boomerang II Mid V1082W Hiking Boot

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These hiking boots are the best overall for warmth, moisture-wicking properties, comfort, and traction. They are made from 100% leather and textile and have a removable EVA insole. They also have a moisture-wicking lining to help keep your feet dry during your hike. With a rubber sole, these shoes are rugged and ready to take on a variety of challenges. They also have a thermoplastic rubber toe cap to protect your feet from potential puncture wounds.

The shaft of these boots measures about 5 inches from the arch and the heal is about 1.25 inches high. The heel also contains a counter, which is a small plastic insert that helps reinforce the support offered in the heel. The heel counter also helps control your pronation to ensure your stability. Finally the opening of these boots measures about 9.5 inches in circumference.

The padded tongue and collar in these hiking boots add to their comfort and, with four color options available, you can certainly add these to your shoe collection. These boots truly offer high-quality, rugged performance at a valuable price.


  • Best overall option for comfort, traction, safety, etc.
  • Do not need a lot of time to break in
  • Best value for quality


  • Not waterproof
  • Boots run about one size too big
  • Some users find they have to adjust the padding often

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2. HUMTTO Men’s Hiking Boots

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These waterproof men’s hiking boots are made using a soft cow suede material and have a distinctive coating to prevent water from passing through the material. They are also lined with high-tech waterproof socks to ensure water does not enter the shoes.These hiking boots have a conjoined tongue, which not only adds to their waterproofing ability, but also allows them to be sandproof and keep debris out, making sure your feet are protected and comfortable for the duration of your hike. The impact-resistant toe cap is made with a seamless rubber shell that is protective and durable.

The full-grain leather material that is used to make these shoes is 2mm, which can help you be sure that your feet will stay warm throughout your hike. Plus, because these boots are waterproof, they are ideal for walking or hiking in the snow.

The midsole of these hiking boots is made from lightweight EVA material, which takes pressure off of your body with each step you take, and helps relieve fatigue while making sure you’re comfortable during your activity. These shoes offer great cushion that supports every step you take as you push off of the ground.

The non-slip grip of these shoes comes from the abrasion-resisting rubber soles that offer a non-skid experience. The soles help ensure your safety when walking in dangerous conditions, whether you’re hiking, working, hunting, or exploring.


  • Waterproof
  • Users applaud the comfort of these shoes
  • Lightweight


  • Some users find the laces to be odd
  • Size runs small
  • These hiking boots come without a box

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3. Kwong Wah Men’s Waterproof Hiking Shoes

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These hiking boots have a breathable feel, as the upper is made out of waterproof suede, leather, and mesh. While users love that these shoes are, in fact, waterproof, their breathability is an added bonus that is not so common in waterproof shoes. The breathable mesh lining helps keep your feet light and airy during your hikes. These Kwong Wah hiking shoes are durable, allowing you to hike through dirt, weeds, and various terrains without falling apart.

This options has a bellows tongue that is foam and keeps moisture away from your feet. The protective toe cap is made out of rubber, which allows you to hike through demanding terrains without fearing your feet will get injured by a branch or other debris. These shoes also have a protective toe cap to add to your security.

The soles of these boots have an EVA contoured footbed, in addition to cushioned arch and heel support to help reduce fatigue during your hike. They have a molded nylon shank, which adds to the supportive structure underneath the insole. The shanks in these boots reduce the impact on the user’s feet and calves while hiking. The rigid nature of the shank adds some protection to these boots by helping shield the feet from sharp objects on the trails. Finally, these shoes offer air cushions in the heel to help absorb shock and increase your stability while hiking.


  • Made out of breathable material
  • Waterproof
  • Very durable


  • Run small
  • Some users have found the soles to become warped after several uses
  • Not very flexible

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4. Sanearde Men’s Hiking Boots Lightweight Insulated Hiker

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These boots are great for men who are looking for a lightweight option, as they are only 1.4-1.9 pounds. They are mid-cut to increase stability in the ankles, and have a lace-up closure, allowing users to adjust the tightness as they feel fit. This allows these boots to be ideal for fast hiking. The rubber soles help increase traction so users don’t have to be concerned about slipping, and the EVA midsole offers superior support and traction. These slip-resistant shoes are a great option to wear in snowy weather and in the winter, as they are supportive, slip-resistant, and insulated to provide warmth. The outsole provides lugs for traction and durability.

The gusseted tongue on these boots keeps debris out, and the rubber toe cap keeps debris from puncturing the shoe and possibly injuring your feet. While the outside of these boots is rugged, the inside offers a soft lining, making them perfect for a variety of occasions.

The high-quality suede used to make these shoes is breathable, comfortable, and water-resistant. Users love these boots because not only are they practical, but they’re also warm and lightweight.


  • Very lightweight
  • Have a comfortable inner lining to ensure warmth
  • Durable


  • Water-resistant, but not waterproof
  • Runs about ½ size too big
  • Some find these boots do not offer enough insulation for extreme weather

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5. TFO Women’s Air Cushion Hiking Shoe

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These hiking shoes offer a simple design in four colors, making them a great choice for those who are concerned about style. The simplicity of the style of these shoes can withstand evolving fashion trends, and because they’re durable, they will last you through several fashion seasons. These hiking shoes are great for a variety of activities, including backpacking, travelling, rock climbing, camping, and mountaineering.

The material used to make these shoes is a high-quality suede and an Oxford mesh that is high in density. The sole is made of Aircraft tire rubber, and the laces are made with a unique, durable, round rope that threads through copper buckles to ensure the stability of these hiking shoes. They also come with a toe cap to protect your feet from the elements on the trail.

The breathable and water resistant upper in these hiking shoes allow users to experience a comfortable and cool hike when wearing these shoes. The insoles offer superior support and air circulation, helping users feel less fatigue in their feet while still making sure the ankles are protected. These shoes also come with an EVA midsole shock absorbing layer, which helps to absorb any aftershocks of your steps and reduce the amount of pressure and weight you’re putting on your joints. These non-slip shoes are flexible and offer slip-wear resistance as well.


  • Very nice looking shoes
  • Versatile option that can be worn while doing a variety of activities
  • Very breathable


  • Run a half size too big
  • Some users found these hiking shoes to not have enough cushion
  • Heavier than some other options

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6. Mountain Warehouse Adventurer Womens Waterproof Hiking Boots

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These hiking boots offer superior traction and extra stability to allow users to have a firm grip on the ground during hikes. With supportive soles and a foot bed that can cradle your foot, these boots will offer you comfort, protection, and a solid grip when you’re hiking. The deep lugs also add more grip and durability to these shoes. They’re durable, yet lightweight, so they’re great for both hiking and camping.

These hiking boots are breathable, but also waterproof–allowing sweat to escape the shoe without letting water in. The rainproof material helps keep your feet dry during inclimate weather while still offering ventilation so you will stay dry no matter what. The mesh is a loosely woven, lightweight material that features holes that are closely spaced together for superior breathability. These shoes come with a synthetic upper and mesh lining, which also adds to their light style.

These hiking boots offer rubber reinforcement at both the heel and toe, keeping your feet safe from debris on the trails. Users love their performance during wet weather because they feel safe, secure, and sturdy.


  • Offer a very sturdy grip
  • Breathable and waterproof
  • Offered in three different colors


  • Some find the ankles of the boots to be stiff
  • Foot bed is wide
  • Not very durable

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7. gracosy Women’s Hiking Shoes

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These women’s hiking shoes serve a variety of purposes from hiking to walking through the snow to just staying warm in the winter. They feature a premium suede upper, a durable outsole that is resistant to wear and tear, and a warm faux fur fully lined interior, which altogether brings users a warm, comfortable, and secure hiking experience.

The anti-skid, stripwavy strip technology helps prevent users from slipping in wet conditions when wearing these shoes while doing outdoor activities. When wearing these shoes, you will be able to freely walk on smooth surfaces without having to be nervous about skidding. Users have found these shoes to be especially helpful to wear in snow and icy conditions. Additionally, the TPR rubber soles offer support and stability to ensure you don’t roll your ankle while hiking. To further protect you from injury, these hiking shoes offer a reinforced, anti-collision toe to protect your feet from the elements on your hike.

These shoes are easy to put on with their hook and loop style velcro upper, and they will remain securely tightened throughout your hike. These women’s hiking shoes come in four colors: gray, black, red, and purple, allowing you to choose the option that best suits your style.


  • Fit true to size
  • Very warm
  • Attractive style
  • Easy to adjust tightness with velcro closure


  • Not waterproof
  • Offers little arch support
  • Not very durable

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Final Thoughts

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All of these hiking boots are the best in their category, and any of these could be the right pick for you. However, the overall winner is the Nevados Women’s Boomerang II Mid V1082W Hiking Boot for the value that they offer at an affordable price. But, remember to make sure that whichever hiking boots you choose fit properly so you don’t end up suffering from pain or blistering during your hikes.

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