5 Best Running Shorts for Big Thighs (Our 2024 Review)

If you don’t have time to read the entire review and just want to find out what the Best Running Shorts for Big Thighs is, then we recommend the TYUIO Yoga Shorts as the best choice.

Maybe you’re on the bigger side and want to get slim? Or maybe you’re perfectly fine with your size, but want some awesome running shorts that will provide you with comfort and make you look good.

Well, first of all, looks aren’t a primary thing when it comes to workouts. Sure, you’re more motivated when you see yourself sporting something that emphasizes your best physical qualities.

However, you won’t be running with a mirror by your side. You’ll be on the track, where the most important thing to take into account is how comfortable you feel.

With this in mind, here are some factors that make for the best running shorts for big thighs.

In this post, we’ve reviewed the Best Running Shorts for Big Thighs. These are:

What Should You Pay Attention To?


Without doubt, this is absolutely the primary factor when choosing between running shorts. But it’s more of an aesthetic element than you might think. On the track, you don’t need to look good, you need to feel good.

Now, this varies from person to person – some people feel more comfortable in tight-fitting clothes. In contrast, others prefer them more on the baggy side.

In any case, comfort should be at the top of your priority list – much like the case with running underwear.

Ultimately, you need to find a fit that suits your preferences. Some models below are on a tighter side, while others are more loose fits.

Moisture Wicking

Great running shorts need to have a means of fighting off sweat and moisture. In addition to feeling yucky, sweat causes chafing and abrasion, which can cause skin scrapes. The kind of scrapes that will demotivate you from further workouts.


You don’t want to have to buy new running shorts every few months, do you? You want a model that will last you for years to come.

That’s why you have to take the build material into consideration when picking the perfect pair of running shorts. Nylon and polyester may have a notorious ring to them, but they’re very durable and not necessarily sweat-causing.

Best Running Shorts for Big Thighs

Running Shorts That Make You Look Slimmer: Kipro Shorts

Kipro Women's Active Fitness Sports Yoga Booty Running Gym Workout Shorts
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Kipro shorts are made from spandex and nylon of the highest quality. Now, you may flinch at the sheer mention of the word “nylon,” but nylon is actually widely used for its durability.

The Spandex part of the equation makes for stretchy, quality shorts that are a perfect tight fit for big thighs. One of the best aspects of Kipro shorts is that they automatically contour to your body.

This means no blood flow-stopping tight spots. The shorts feel very light and adapt to your thighs and butt accordingly. They feature a fold-over waistband that does a great job at enveloping your figure, making you appear slimmer.

But for sports like running, performance plays an essential role. The Kipros shorts might be comfortable, but are they any good for sports activities? If you’re worried about excessive sweating with these fantastic shorts, you can rest easy.

Kipro shorts are amazingly breathable, which makes them perfect for any activity, from yoga to intense cardio activities.

If you think that the material itself is thin and the Spandex waistband too loose, you’ve got another thing coming. As a matter of fact, the material is thick, soft, while still stretchy. If you have big thighs, these shorts will make them look even more amazing.

In fact, the only problem with these brilliant running shorts is that you won’t want to take them off after a running session. You’ll start buying these for regular, everyday wear.


  • Breathable
  • Adaptable to body contour
  • Thick, soft, and stretchy
  • Comfy
  • Great performance


  • Certain colors look bland and weird

Best Yoga Shorts for Running: Oalka Yoga Shorts

Oalka Women's Yoga Short Side Pockets High Waist Workout Running Shorts
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Oalka shorts may have been designed primarily for yoga, but don’t let this fool you. These make for fantastic running shorts. They come in various color options and for the most part boast a combination of nylon and spandex.

As mentioned above, these are primarily yoga shorts. And if you’ve ever done yoga, you know that this can be a sweaty activity. If you’ve ever done jogging/running, though, you know that cardio is way sweatier than yoga.

Luckily, Oalka shorts are built with breathability in mind. They boast moisture-wicking technology, which prevents excessive chafing and abrasion, which is associated with a lack of breathability.

Avoiding chafing and abrasion is very important for yoga. Fortunately for runners, you get the very same breathability while running.

And don’t worry about that belly, either. The Oalka yoga shorts feature a high-waisted waistband that provides tummy control and coverage. Perfect for avoiding those embarrassing cracks during stretching.

Although these are shorts made for yoga, they’ve decided to add side pockets. These pockets won’t fit a large purse or wallet, but they will tightly secure your mobile phone and credit cards.

This is ideal for runners who like to jam some music while on the track (which is the vast majority).

As far as comfort is concerned, they’re fairly comfortable and non-see-through. The Oalkas have a gusseted crotch for optimal comfort and mobility.

They’re a tight fit when you extend and they do contour your body. However, the shorts do this without squeezing. Don’t expect any nasty thigh rubbing, either.

Whether you’re plus-sized or skinny, the Oalka shorts will pay tribute to your body contour.


  • Breathable
  • Moisture-wicking
  • High-waisted waistband
  • Side pockets
  • Gusseted crotch


  • Color may be off

Best Regular Running Shorts: Nike Women’s Dri-fit Attack 2.0 Tr5 Shorts

Nike’s widely renowned for sports and casual wear. They specialize in everything from sneakers and professional sports equipment to running shorts.

Unless your fashion taste is all about sporty wear, you won’t find too much fashion in Nike’s Dri-FIT women’s training shorts. However, you’re not in it for fashion only. That’s for amateurs and posers. Here it’s all about performance.

That’s not to say that the Dri-FITs are ugly in any way. They’re great looking shorts if you’re into the more traditional look.

In the process, you get more wiggle room for your thighs, regardless of their size. They have a 5-inch inseam, which doesn’t restrict your movement while on the field, and offers ample coverage. This makes the Dri-FITs ideal for running.

These shorts aren’t unisex, though. You’ll wear them and people will see that they’re a women’s piece of sports clothing. Much of this is owed to the angled side seams that are made to follow the curvature of your body. They actually give you a flattering look.

In terms of material, they’re made of polyester. 100%. This is great because polyester is a durable material that will help ensure that you use these shorts for years to come.

But don’t think that this will cause excessive sweating, because the Dri-FITs are lined with sweat-wicking fabric that helps keep your body dry.

The fit is traditional here – an elastic waistband with a drawcord to personalize to your fit.

The Dri-FITs aren’t your average tiny-booty shorts. They may look good on people who don’t have a sizeable behind. However, they will also prove an excellent fit for larger thighs.


  • 100% moisture-wicking polyester
  • Traditional fit
  • 5” wiggle room for thighs
  • Angled side seams follow your body’s curvature
  • Made for running


  • Not the most fashionable model

The Most Silky Running Shorts: TYUIO Yoga Shorts

TYUIO Workout Shorts for Women Tummy Control Gym Yoga Running Biker Shorts
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Most tight-fit running and yoga shorts feature that familiar “sporty” material. This isn’t too much of a problem for most active women with sizeable thighs.

On the other hand, that silky feel that you love feeling against your skin isn’t ideal for running and sports activities. And it will make you sweat excessively.

Well, TYUIO yoga shorts have managed to provide this comfy, cozy feel in sports. The shorts are 88% polyester and 12% spandex, which makes them soft and smooth against the skin.

However, these shorts are designed to remove moisture from your body, allowing for maximum comfort during your activities. And every athlete knows how important comfort is for running performance, especially when it comes to jogging.

The pants feature a high waist, which is quite a snug fit. Don’t worry, it will hold everything in and contour your body to perfection.

Even though these shorts are thin and silky, they’re thick enough so that they aren’t see-through.

TYUIO shorts also have a gusseted crotch, which makes them ideal for yoga. The fact that they’re built for yoga stretching only means that the stretches before your running sessions begin will be extremely comfortable.

The shorts are also equipped with side pockets, perfect for your phone or mp3 player while running.

Typically, these pants aren’t too tight a fit. They contour your body and hold everything in place, but they won’t emphasize every curve. If a tighter fit is more up your alley, get them a size smaller, which should suit your tastes perfectly.

Unfortunately, some colors that you see on pictures online may differ from the actual legging color itself.


  • Silky feel
  • Moisture-removing properties
  • Contours your body
  • High waist
  • Side pockets


  • Careful with color options

Best Traditional Running Shorts: Joe’s Ladies Running Shorts

Joe's USA Ladies Moisture-Wicking Running Shorts
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Retro is always popular. Well, at least it is right now. Remember those shorter than short cool shorts from the ‘80s? Yeah, Joe’s running shorts are very old-school. And yes, they are exclusively for women.

So, what’s the difference? Why not just dig up your mom’s old exercise shorts? Well, Joe’s running shorts are made with the latest tech advances.

They’re 100% polyester, which makes them very durable. More importantly, they feature moisture-wicking technology, ensuring maximum comfort for your sports activities.

These shorts are all about moisture control and breathability. They aren’t a tight-fit, by any means, which is perfect for most women with large thighs. Therefore, they don’t make you feel body-conscious.

From the outside, much like their predecessor, these shorts don’t have any pockets. However, there is a hidden internal pocket, ideal for your keys or small items.

Ladies love Joe’s running shorts. If you ever wondered, “How am I supposed to get fit and healthy if I can’t squeeze into the more traditional workout choices for ladies,” these make for a perfect choice.

Use these shorts to slim down to the point where you feel comfortable in yoga shorts. Or, just keep using them, regardless of your thigh/butt size. These old-school shorts do not discriminate.


  • Old-school look
  • 100% moisture-wicking polyester
  • Loose fit
  • Comfortable
  • Hidden internal pocket


  • Aren’t a tight fit

Final Thoughts on Best Running Shorts for Big Thighs

All of these models are great for women with plus-sized thighs. However, TYUIO Yoga Shorts is an especially good choice.

It’s a very comfortable brand, has moisture-removing properties, and is built from 88% polyester and 12% spandex, which is a perfect durability-comfort ratio. These are the only pair with a really silky feel to them.

TYUIO Workout Shorts for Women Tummy Control Gym Yoga Running Biker Shorts
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Kipro shorts share no similarities with TYUIO shorts. They’re vastly different, but both models are great in their own respects. However, most plus-sized women won’t be inclined to wear Kipros. They’re very revealing, although smooth and light.

The TYUIO model is very similar to Oalka yoga shorts. They boast breathability, moisture resistance, good contour fit, high waistband, etc.

On paper, in fact, they’re almost identical. Both also have gusseted crotches, which is essential for those stretching sessions. However, TYUIO takes the cake here because it boasts that brilliant silky feel.

Nike Dri-FITs give you more wiggle room for running then TYUIO. But TYUIOs have something better – the silky feel that feels like a second skin on your thighs. Besides, the Dri-FITs aren’t the most fashionable model, unless you’re into sports fashion.

Ultimately, Joe’s running shorts were very close to beating the TYUIOs. Whilst vastly different, they boast similar material quality and moisture-wicking.

However, the Joe’s are a much looser fit. Although this may not interfere with running, it isn’t ideal for stretching.

And stretching is an essential part of any sports activity. TYUIOs are built for yoga and are incredibly stretchy and comfy, which makes them the best running shorts for big thighs.

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