5 Best Shoes for Walking All Day at Work in 2024

If you don’t have time to read the entire review and just want to find out what Best Walking Shoes for Walking All Day at Work is, then we recommend the Skechers Performance GoWalk 3 Shoes as the best choice.

Some jobs require all-day walking, which can adversely impact both your feet and back. You may not feel the consequences now, but it’s better to prevent potential issues than cure them.

If you work in a museum as a tourist guide, as a personal trainer, or nurse, your daily tasks probably involve a lot of walking. This can sometimes be painful if your footwear is inadequate.

To keep your body healthy and functional, you need to feel comfortable at all times, so here’s our choice of the best shoes for walking all day at work.

Why are Adequate Shoes Important?

Shoes aren’t just about fashion. The right ones can help your body in several ways.

They Improve Your Posture

Wearing appropriate shoes will help align your back, shoulders, and legs, which is vital for good posture. Many of us don’t pay attention to it, but in the long run, you may experience back pain due to not standing and sitting correctly.

They Prevent Injuries

High-quality shoes need to offer support and keep your joints and feet in place. If your feet are steady and the shoes aren’t too tight or too loose, there’s less chance of spraining an ankle, getting bunions, etc.

To avoid injuries, it’s also essential to choose shoes that are adequate for a particular activity – in this case, long hours of walking.

They Cushion the Feet

Whether you’re standing or walking, your feet have to support your body weight at all times. That’s why they need an appropriate midsole to stay comfortable and cushioned. A quality midsole will allow your feet to absorb the force every time your foot hits the ground.

How can you know for sure you’ve found the right shoes? When shopping, make sure you:

  • Try on both shoes. One of your feet may be slightly bigger, and the shoes should fit well on both right and left
  • Buy shoes in the afternoon. After you spend the whole day on your feet, they may expand a little, so you’ll know for sure that the shoes aren’t too tight
  • Check the sole to determine if it fits the purpose of the shoes. When looking for shoes to work in, make sure the sole isn’t too sturdy
  • Check the inside of the shoes. Different daily activities such as walking, running, playing sports involve varying amounts of pressure your feet need to deal with. That’s why it’s vital to provide them with adequate support based on how you spend your days

In this post, we’ve reviewed the Best Walking Shoes for Walking All Day at Work. These are:

Best Shoes for Walking All Day at Work

Best Choice for Women – Casual Edition: Skechers Performance GoWalk 4 Shoes

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These exceptionally lightweight shoes with a 1.25-inch heel are more than suitable for women who spend most of their day walking. They’re also easy to pull on as they don’t have shoelaces – just hop in, and you’re good to go.

The GoWalk 4 shoes come in several colors, so they’re easy to match with your outfit or work uniform. The fit is standard, so if you’re ordering online, you can select your usual size. They’re available in many sizes, and the price depends on both size and color.

These shoes feature a rubber sole and a highly stabilized heel with fabric overlay panels for extreme steadiness.

Also, the mesh cover ensures that they’ll fit comfortably on either foot. It lets the feet expand and breathe every step of the way, even if you have a high bridge and might have issues with finding shoes that aren’t too tight on top.

This model offers better arch support than the previous example – the midsole provides excellent cushioning. All thanks to the innovative 5GEN technology that includes compression molded foam, so it’s highly responsive and offers you a much softer feel.

Another improvement in comparison with previous models is the new Goga Max footbed. The rubber outsole makes your steps bouncy and more energetic by allowing the midsole better rebound.

Also, the footbed is made of linen, which helps your foot to breathe appropriately and prevents unpleasant odors, as well as the development of bacteria.


  • Easy pull-on
  • 5GEN foam midsole for high responsiveness
  • Upper mesh layer for better fitting
  • Antibacterial footbed
  • Great for hot weather
  • Suitable for overweight women


  • May not go with more elegant working dress code

Best Choice for Women – Elegant Edition: Grasshoppers Flats

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Made of 100% textile, the Grasshoppers Windham slip-on model is an excellent choice for ladies whose jobs require a more formal dress code.

They’re adorned with laces, but can still be combined with more casual outfits as well. Coming in four neutral colors, they’re easy to match with any combination.

You can make your order online without worrying if they’ll fit or not – the size is a regular fit. There are narrow and wide models for specific sizes, and the price is similar for each type.

These shoes feature a synthetic sole and a removable footbed, which means that you can adjust them to your foot. This is also possible thanks to the elastic gore at the tongue, making the flats easy to pull on or take off.

Also, the back heel is strong enough not to bend if you’re putting them on without using your hands – pregnant women who are still working might really appreciate this feature.

This particular model comes with the Ortholite memory foam sock liner, which enhances comfort when wearing these shoes.

It prevents moisture from causing unpleasant odors and allows the air to flow naturally through the footwear. This means you can decide whether or not to wear socks – you can walk barefoot in them and not worry about bacteria.

This isn’t the only advantage of the Ortholite footbed. It also provides excellent arch support, while the memory foam generates pleasant, extended cushioning and extreme comfort.

As these can fit both casual and more formal environments, if you’re looking for the best shoes for walking all day at work, these may be the right choice.


  • Anti-odor memory foam sock liner
  • Strong back heel for easy pull-on
  • Suitable for more formal work settings
  • Ideal for pregnant women
  • Easily matched with any outfit
  • Can be worn without socks


  • May be unsuitable for wide feet

Best Choice for Those on a Budget: Saucony Originals

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It says that these fantastic sneakers are for men, but actually, they’re completely unisex, and anyone can wear them, and not just because they come in numerous sizes and colors.

This is a model that fits any foot. Ideal for a semi-formal setting, it’s as easy to pair them up with a sports jacket as it is with a simple T-shirt.

The color combination on the sneakers also gives you plenty of room for mixing and matching with different outfits. Having comfortable shoes is more important than being fashionable, but these look great as well as being comfy.

These sneakers have a rubber sole and the upper layer made of nylon and suede. These materials are not too stiff and combined with a wide enough toe box, they give you enough space even if you have wide feet.

They’re great if you’re prone to foot issues such as blisters or hammertoes. This model provides you with much-needed comfort.

Thanks to the EVA midsole, they’re perfectly suitable for those long walking hours you simply can’t avoid at work. Made of ethyl vinyl acetate, EVA midsoles are most commonly found in sport’s shoes today.

They absorb shock better and encourage lighter steps. The gray EVA midsole is firm and can be found in some shoes that help with certain orthotic issues.


  • Available in many sizes and colors
  • Unisex
  • Shock-absorbing EVA midsole
  • Affordable


  • Not suitable for more formal working environments
  • The dye may come off on your socks

Best Impact-Absorbing Choice for Men: Skechers Performance GoWalk 3 Shoes

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Skechers is a well-regarded name in this industry, so it comes as no surprise that their products feature on this list.

This particular model comes in several neutral colors, is exceptionally lightweight, and easy to match with almost any kind of outfit. They suit casual working environments but aren’t really appropriate for more formal settings.

The GoWalk line features excellent walking shoes for both men and women. According to the manufacturer, this model was designed for athletic walking. Hence, it’s suitable for a wide variety of professions whose daily tasks include lots of walking.

This model for men has incredible cushioning with responsive feedback and high flexibility – which is one of the best properties of these shoes. Your foot will feel safe, pain-free and comfortably placed while you’re on your feet for long hours at work.

The upper is made of sport suede. The stabilizing heel panel is made of synthetic materials, while the heel cup contains memory foam that enables your foot to stay in place and feel comfortable while walking. In addition, there are side panels that allow you to easily slip the shoe on or off.

Skechers used specialized GO Pillars technology to create a midsole to fit your arch perfectly and provide it with necessary shock absorption and support.

Also, the midsole isn’t made of EVA, but resalyte, which disperses the impact of your foot hitting the ground and provides maximum comfort with every step.

The GoWalk 3 also features the integrated Ortholite sock liner, which means you can wear these shoes without socks, or fear of microbes or unpleasant smells. That being said, it’s clear that Skechers designed this model to offer an ultimate walking experience.


  • GO Pillars technology for proper arch support
  • Ortholite sock liner for odor control and anti-microbial effect
  • Resalyute midsole for fantastic impact absorption
  • High-rebound cushioning
  • Heel cup padded with memory foam
  • Easily matched with different outfits


  • Inappropriate for a formal setting

Best for Jobs That Involve Traveling: Skechers Afterburn Sneakers

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If you’re a wildlife photographer, for example, your job will involve not only lots of walking but traveling as well.

The kind of shoes you need will let your feet breathe, feel comfortable, but also be suitable for all kinds of terrain. In that respect, the Skechers Afterburn model may be the one you’re looking for.

Available in black, white, brown, and a selection of other colors, these sneakers are great for jobs that involve walking outdoors.

Not only are they exceptionally comfortable, but they’re also suitable for different weather conditions. And as an added bonus, the design looks super cool, too.

They’re made of 100% leather and synthetic and have a high-traction rubber sole. There’s also the mesh upper, supportive overlays, and side panels that let your feet breathe inside the shoes. They’re not a slip-on model like the previous ones, but lace-up sneakers.

The insole is made of memory foam. This means full-length cushioning, great for impact absorption. Memory foam is one of the optimal materials available today when it comes to insoles.

Its shortcomings, like potentially unpleasant odors, are resolved by sock liners and other elements of the shoe that provide better airflow. On the other hand, the benefits are numerous.

They provide essential comfort and support for your feet by distributing the impact evenly on the whole length of the insole.

The midsole of the Afterburn model is highly flexible and supports your arch in the correct way, which means no pain, no matter how long your day is.

This is why these Skechers are considered one of the best shoes for walking all day at work, even outdoors.


  • Suitable for different weather conditions
  • Memory foam insole
  • Side panels as a cooling system
  • High-traction rubber outsole
  • Flexible midsole for proper arch support


  • May be a bit expensive

Final Thoughts on Best Shoes for Walking All Day at Work

There are different aspects you need to consider when you’re choosing the best shoes for walking all day at work and not feeling pain as a consequence.

Different brands and shoe models have proven to be of exceptional quality in various aspects, but there can be only one winner. All of these products have their advantages, but our top choice here is the Skechers GoWalk 3 model for men.

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These may not be unisex like Saucony sneakers, but they’re of better quality, and, unlike the Afterburn Skechers model, they have a sock liner that takes care of unpleasant odors. They introduce innovative technology to make them highly comfortable and appropriate for a working environment.

Although they may not be suitable for a completely formal setting or colder weather, they have numerous advantages. These shoes provide excellent arch support and odor control for your feet.

The cushioning and memory foam insole create fantastic comfort that can almost guarantee painless walking. Also, the flexible midsole made of resolyte provides excellent impact absorption, making your steps livelier and more energetic.

This model is also available for women, so the only thing left to do is go shopping. These shoes are most likely to fulfill all your needs and make your days at work more comfortable and pain-free.

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