32 Running Blogs to Keep You Motivated on Your Next Run

Looking for the rest running blogs to inspire you during your daily jogs?
In this post, we have gathered 32 running blogs to motivate and inspire your running adventure. If you are looking for running tips, what better way to find them than through these experts?
Let’s get to it!

1. Science of Running

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Science of Running is run by Steve Magness, a performance coach, author, and lecturer. He currently coaches around 20 professional runners, and is the head coach of the cross country team at the University of Houston. Magness is a former Olympic coach who has turned protégés into world champions.

This informational blog of his takes your running game to the next level. Magness offers elite coaching to help people achieve their goals. He provides consultations, mentoring, and one-on-one coaching for those who are interested. If you visit his blog, you will find an overview of the services he offers.

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2. Hungry Runner Girl

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If you visit her blog, you will find that it is an easy read and readily approachable.

Hungry Runner Girl is one of the most popular running blogs for women. It is the personal blog of Janae, and covers topics such as her running experiences, life as a single mom, and favorite workouts and recipes. She also has a special corner called “Friend to Friend” where she gives advice to those who have emailed her regarding different topics.

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3. Dr. Nick’s Running Blog

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Dr. Nicholas Campitelli is a podiatrist who specializes in foot and ankle surgery, and who is passionate about running and helping other runners. If you are looking for someone who has extensive knowledge in sports medicine, Dr. Nick is the guy and his blog is the place to be.

This blog aims to provide the latest and most comprehensive information on running and training for endurance sports activities. If you do not have enough time to visit a doctor or want to consult with Dr. Nick but find that his office too far away, you can connect with him by commenting on his blog.

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4. Lazy Girl Running

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Lazy Girl Running is the blog of Laura Fountain, a personal trainer, running coach, marathon runner, and writer. She is a UK Athletics Coach in running fitness and also a freelance journalist who specializes in women’s health. She has also written two books: “The Lazy Runner” and “Tricurious.”

Laura made this blog to share everything she knows about running. She offers to coach, facilitate running groups, and provide training guides.

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5. Run to the Finish

dr nicks running blog | lazy girl running | running blogs for older runners

Run to the Finish by Amanda Brooks is the blog to check if you are a newbie in the running scene. She will guide you all the way to the finish line (and beyond). According to Brooks, Run to the Finish was created to support those who are having a hard time with their running exercise regimen.

Amanda offers coaching, training, and other services, such as a connection to a running community. She also provides a list of foods and recipes that runners can use to build their stamina.

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6. The Runner Dad

dr nicks running blog | runtothefinish | sports shoes blog

The Runner Dad aims to help every dad thrive as a superhero, handling family, work, and running all at the same time. This blog provides tips and tricks for fitness, time management, and parenting.

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7. Runblogger

run to the finish blog | best running websites uk | how was your weekend running

Runblogger was originally a personal blog of Peter Larson where he talked about various topics, including many that were not related to running. Eventually, he became hooked on the sport, and slowly transitioned to writing predominantly about running and other related topics.

If you are looking for the best running shoes, you may find them here. Larson is obsessed with running shoes and running form.

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8. The Ginger Runner

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Ethan “The Ginger” Newberry is the man behind this blog full of passion and art. He is a filmmaker, composer, art and motion graphics director, and runner. He gets help running the blog from his wife Kim “Mile Long Legs” Newberry, who is a social media expert and ultrarunner.

The blog’s major purpose is to inspire people to run and to educate them about endurance sports (mainly distance running). Ethan says that his goal is to prove that anyone can do it, and it’s just a matter of taking that leap of faith to discover that you can do it. What is most special about this blog is that Ethan and Kim combine art and sports into one single platform, presenting running and filmmaking in the same space.

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9. Ali On The Run

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Ali Feller is a runner, blogger, and podcast host. But most importantly, she is a proud mom and wife. She first created her blog in 2010 to reach out to like-minded people within her Manhattan hometown. Originally, the blog focused on running, but as the years went by, Ali started including alternative sports like yoga, spinning, and other workouts.

This blog is a very personal one. Ali shares not just her running adventures, but also almost everything that is happening in her life. She aims to inspire people (particularly those who are hindered by illness) to become passionate about running.

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10. Shut Up and Run

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Beth Risdon believes that running is mind over matter—don’t make excuses, just do it. In her blog, she shares her personal mantra: “Don’t let fear hold you down. That’s a big time waster. Actually, it’s a big life waster.”

Shut Up and Run is a collection of various posts about Risdon’s running adventures. What makes it rather special is the way she writes, which is very humorous. She also reviews running gear and products.

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11. DC Rainmaker

competitor running | running blogs for older runners | the science of running

Ray Maker is a triathlete who loves running, biking, and swimming. He stopped running for about 10 years when joined the tech world, but he eventually came back to it when he realized that he wanted to make running and blogging his profession.

DC Rainmaker offers a lot of things: product reviews, buyers’ guides, how-to guides and tips, race reports, travel posts, and a lot more. If you want to stay up to date about running, this blog can help you.

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12. Fannetastic Food

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Anne Mauney is a registered dietitian, a marathoner, and a healthy lifestyle enthusiast. She is also a nutrition counselor who offers an approach called Intuitive Eating.

Her blog is a combination of her daily experiences, healthy ingredients, running and fitness, and motherhood adventures. Most of the content, however, is about food and nutrition to help readers discover the right kind of food for them.

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13. A Trail Runner’s Blog

run to the finish | 25 best running blogs | running shoe review site

Scott Dunlap is a technology expert who is fond of triathlons and trail running. A Trail Runner’s Blog is the diary of a runner that can provide you with inspiration. It consists of all of Scott’s experiences, from the very first time he ran to becoming one of the pillars of the trail running community.

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14. Taking the Long Way Home

the science of running | competitor running | mileposts blog

Wendy was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, but that didn’t keep her from running. In fact, it made her more determined and stronger than ever. She is also a yoga, cycling, strength training, kayaking, and waterskiing enthusiast.

Taking the Long Way Home is a combination of Wendy’s running adventures and race recaps. She also provides product reviews, book club guidelines, and how-to tips, particularly for those with rheumatoid arthritis.

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15. Jeff Galloway’s Blog

mileposts blog | the hungry runner girl | competitor running

Jeff Galloway is an American Olympian and lifetime runner who authored “Galloway’s Book on Running.” He is most famous for his Run Walk Run Method, which he started in 1974. As stated in his blog, over a million runners and walkers have already tried and benefitted from this method.

Jeff does not talk too much about his running experiences in his blog. Instead, he offers various coaching alternatives, training guidelines, and medical information for runners to peruse. He also offers retreats and seminars to training groups and similar organizations.

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16. Trail Sisters

lazy girl running | run to finish | run selfie repeat

Founded by Gina Lucrezi, Trail Sisters has become one of the most popular communities for women runners out there. In addition to the blog, it also hosts and holds discussion panels, events, and other running-related activities. Lucrezi has made it her goal to engage and empower more women through trail running and outdoor exploring.

Trail Sisters offers four major services/pages: Journal, Community, Retreats, and Coaching. It also has a race calendar so you can plan out the best schedule for your trail running. If you are looking for recommended running apparel, you can also do your shopping on this blog.

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17. RunningPhysio

run to finish | run selfie repeat | running blogs for older runners

Running-Physio started in 2012 as a blog for runners looking to treat and prevent injuries. As the years went by, it expanded to include various topics on running and exercise that cater to a wider audience. Currently, it is one of the go-to blogs of runners and therapists.

Tom Goom is the man behind this wonderful blog. One of his most notable accomplishments in the industry is his published research in the Journal of Orthopaedic and Sports Physical Therapy, which is about proximal hamstring tendinopathy.

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18. Strength Running

lazy girl running blog | running shoe review site | run to the finish

Strength Running started in 2010 and is the brainchild of Jason Fitzgerald, a USA Track & Field-certified coach who also authored the books “101 Simple Ways to Be a Better Runner” and “Running for Health and Happiness.”

According to Fitzgerald, what makes Strength Running stand out is the quality of the advice he gives to the readers. The blog provides actionable, proven assistance to help people achieve the results they want.

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19. Run Bulldog Run

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Steve Speirs started running in the early 1980s, when he was just a teenager. He was a member of the football and rugby teams at his high school, and his purpose for running was to stay fit for these sports. Eventually, his rugby coach encouraged him to try the Barry Half Marathon, where he ended up finishing in the 30%. From there, he never stopped running.

Run Bulldog Run is a coaching-style blog. In addition to Steve’s posts about his running adventures, he also shares how he manages to stay on top of his game through various running tips and guidelines. His blog also includes race recaps, shoe reviews, motivational quotes, and a list of his favorite running stuff.

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20. Wandering in a Running World

running blogs india | run to the finish blog | best running websites uk

Wandering in a Running World is a personal blog from US broadcaster and writer Toni Reavis. He helped pioneer the field of running broadcasting, starting with his radio show in Boston called “Runners Digest.” He is most notable for being ESPN’s Road Race of the Month host in the 1980s and 1990s.

The blog is an extension of his work in running broadcasting. What’s exceptionally unique about this blog is that it feels like you’re reading a column in a newspaper. Reavis writes his post in a news-like format, providing you all the details you need about specific races—whether upcoming or completed.

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21. She Can & She Did

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In 2013, Kelly Roberts went viral for taking selfies with hot guys behind her during a marathon. But she wasn’t always a runner. In fact, at first she hated running. But things changed when she gained over 75 pounds in 2009 after her brother passed away.

According to Roberts, She Can and She Did is a storytelling platform particularly dedicated to the women’s running community. Her goal is to inspire other people to feel proud of themselves by sharing with them stories from other people like them. Roberts offers training plans and coaching, too.

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22. iRunFar

run to the finish | womens running website | running shoe review site

This blog is managed by Byron Powell (editor-in-chief) and Meghan Hicks (managing editor), as well as a number of columnists and contributors. Powell was once a food and drug attorney in Washington, DC, but eventually shifted to his passion, which was running.

iRunFar aims to provide its readers with the best possible information about ultrarunning and trail running. It includes a mix of race coverage, gear reviews, educational information, and editorial insights. The blog is most proud of its reader community and the quality comments you will see on each post.

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23. Weight Off My Shoulders

dr nicks running blog | 25 best running blogs | running blog names

Dani Holmes-Kirk suffered a back injury and underwent a subsequent back surgery in 2011. She created this blog as a platform where she could release her thoughts and feelings and lighten the burden she was carrying around. She also hoped to help other people who were going through a rough time.

Dani admits that she grew up hating running. She gave it a shot before her back injury, but soon realized that it was simply not her game. But after the back injury, she went back to running and found happiness in it. She felt like it was therapy for her. Weight Off My Shoulders is a combination of race recaps, healthy food recipes, and Dani’s weight loss adventures.

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24. Veggie Runners

running blogs for older runners | how to start a running blog | dr nicks running blog

Jayne and Bibi Rodgers are vegan marathon runners who decided to take their mother-daughter relationship to the next level by blogging and influencing. They are also brand ambassadors, entrepreneurs, and public speakers, and very passionate about staying young, fit, and healthy.

The blog is mostly about healthy recipes made by Jayne and Bibi, their running experiences, and a whole lot of parenting. They decided to include this last topic when Bibi became a parent, too. If you are looking for a running blog that has a touch of the mother-daughter bond, you should check this one out.

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25. Fat Girl Running

running blogs india | how was your weekend running | dr nicks running blog

Mirna Valerio is a writer, teacher, and public speaker. She is also a cross country running coach and an avid trail runner. She is one of the writers for Women’s Running, a website for women who are into different types of running.

Fat Girl Running is a perfect example of a “personal” blog. Here, Mirna relates to her audience by keeping everything real. You won’t just learn about running—you’ll also learn how Mirna uses her connection with nature to achieve a more meaningful, happier life.

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26. Fine Fit Day

half marathon running blogs | running forum | running website

Carly Pizzani is the wonderful woman behind this blog. She is a personal trainer, a runner, a writer, and a mother. Carly is an ACSM-certified personal trainer and an RRCA-certified running coach.

Fine Fit Day focuses on providing running and workout tips to its readers. You may contact Carly through the blog if you want to avail yourself of her coaching services. She also features articles and posts from other writers that interest her.

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27. Preppy Runner

running gear websites | lazy girl running blog | dr nicks running blog

Theodora Blanchfield lost 50 pounds a few years back when she finally discovered her path to a healthy, active, and long lifestyle. She started running as a form of cardio to support her diet, and from then on she never stopped loving marathons and other races.

Preppy Runner is mostly about running and coaching. Theodora shares tips and guidelines on how to run races to the best of your ability. She also shares information about grief and how to cope up with it.

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28. Running for Real

how to start a running blog | 25 best running blogs | running blog names

Tina Muir is a former elite runner. She owns the Running for Real blog, and is the host of the Running for Real podcast. She stopped running in 2017 after an emotional breakdown brought about by an eating disorder. Her story went viral, and several major magazines ended up featuring it.

Running for Real was her way to get back to what was once her almost perfect life. It became a platform for her to slowly get back on her feet while re-discovering the wonders of running and staying fit.

Check out her podcast: Best Runner Podcast: Running for Real

29. Salty Running

running blogs for older runners | how to start a running blog | best running blogs 2019

Salty Running is managed by a team of women runners, so it should come as no surprise that the blog is dedicated to women who love to run, but who are also juggling their busy lives. The blog provides coaching and training, tips and guidelines, and the most recent news related to running.

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30. RunLadyLike

dr nicks running blog | running forum | lazy girl running

Coming from a family of running athletes, Jesica D’Avanza has always had her priorities straight. Her inspiration is her dad, an elite track and field athlete who has always believed in her potential as a runner.

The name of this site is a mash-up of the words “run” and “unladylike.” Jesica claims that she runs and coaches in an unladylike manner—covered in sweat and often dumping water over her head. Runladylike aims to help its readers embrace their unique abilities by following their personal journeys and rules.

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31. I Am Running This

running blog beginner | running blogs india | running overnight

Kelly Caiazo believes that the best way to a healthy life is through running and plant-based eating. Caiazo is a half-marathoner, a vegan, and an environmentalist. She is also a certified plant-based nutrition expert. I Am Running This is a portrayal of Kelly’s adventures while discovering the joys of running, eating healthy, and living as a parent.

Check out her free ebook (no signup required): Form A Fitness Game Plan

32. Running Myself Together

running blogs for older runners | guardian lifestyle | how to start a running blog

For years, Maria Abbe has struggled with anxiety, depression, and an eating disorder. She admits that she’s still working on her anxiety and depression, but she is proud of the progress she has made. Today, she is an RRCA-certified running coach and an advocate of mental health awareness.

Running Myself Together shares Maria’s story and running adventures. She also offers her coaching services and meal planning templates for those who’d like to try them. You will also find a link to the workout journal she created called “The Imperishable Crown.”

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We all have stories to tell, and with these stories we can inspire others and bring out the best in them while also bringing out the best in ourselves. This what most bloggers do—they aim not just to share their stories with the world, but to influence and make a difference in other people’s lives.

We hope that the running blogs we shared above can inspire and motivate you to keep fighting for that one thing you love to do—run! Before heading out on your next run, read a post or two from one of these blogs and allow yourself to be inspired.

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