41 Funny Jokes About Running to Share at Your Next Run

Every person needs to be able to laugh at themselves now and again.  Runners and joggers are no exception. 

Even though running is a physically demanding activity that takes a lot of endurance and stamina (both mentally and physically), the people doing this activity need to laugh at themselves once in a while too. 

To get you started on this path, here are a bevy of jokes about running.  Taking a moment to do this will help to recharge your batteries and get you running more effectively.   

But when is it the right time to tell these jokes? We’ll get into that in just a few moments.

Differences Between Running and Jogging

Running is the physical action of quick, deliberate movements stemming from the feet.  Animals run as well as humans. 

Sometimes running is borne out of necessity, such as escaping a predator.  However, many times, humans run just for the pure enjoyment factor.  It also helps to keep the body toned and slimmed down. 

When a person jogs, it is commonly called running; however, there is a difference.  Jogging is a type of running exercise, but it is done at a slower pace than running.  The idea being it is less stressful on the human body. 

Someone who is just beginning to exercise may be wise to start out by jogging.  They could always switch to running at a later time when their body is used to it.

Why are Jokes Handy to Have in Your Arsenal On a Run?

Not only do they say that laughter is the best medicine… but it can be a welcomed distraction.  There are other benefits to laughter as well, especially when you’re gearing up for a run.

  • They are a great way to warm up.
  • Everything in life needs to have a funny side.
  • If you are doing a marathon or a long-distance run with some friends, jokes are a great way to keep your mind off any bodily discomfort.
  • If your friend appears to be stressed out during a run, telling them a few running jokes can help them to smile.
  • Reciting some jokes at the conclusion of a jogging period can help your body to cool down.

When is the right time to Drop a Joke Bomb?

People who run or jog are expected to warm up prior to exercising.  This is important because it is part of the preparation period.  That preparation period can include telling jokes to each other

Mental preparation is equally vital when it comes to getting yourself ready for physical activity.  Laughing at jokes is a great way to do this. 

It also helps to relieve the mind of any stressful thoughts that may be present.  They say that laughter is the best medicine for a reason.  So, go ahead and tell each other some jokes.

You can also tell these jokes on lengthy runs… when you feel yourself hitting the dreaded “wall”. It happens to all of us, but a little levity can prove to be a great motivator, pushing you through.

41 Jokes to Try Out on your Next Run

  1. What does a sprinter consume before a race?
    They do not eat, instead they fast.
  1. Why would a disc jockey be disqualified from a sprint?
    Because they consistently change tracks.
  1. How would a crazy person run through a forest?
    By taking the psycho path.
  1. Why can’t snowmen run?
    They are never able to warm up.
  1. A particular marathon runner was becoming annoyed because his friends would play running jokes on him prior to each race.
  1. Why was the marathon runner sent to jail?
    Because he kept resisting a rest.
  1. What is a cross between a sprinter and a marathon runner?
    Someone who can jog short distances.
  1. My friend and I are training for a marathon. She tells me the same thing daily. It is a running joke and always makes me giggle.
  1. How can you tell when a person runs marathons?
    It’s easy, they will always talk about them.
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Joking while running can be a great way to make the experience more enjoyable and lighthearted.
  1. Why did the woman think her nose was training for a marathon?
    Because it was running all morning.
  1. Why aren’t runners permitted to season soup?
    Because there are too many dashes.
  1. What is another word for “free treadmill?”
    The street
  1. For what reason can you not hear runners while they are in training?
    Because sneakers are always worn.
  1. What are some common features between track coaches and dentists?
    Both professions use drills.
  1. Where did the cabbage place at the track invitationals?
    It was always a head.
  1. The reason why runners do not eat a full meal before they race is because they need to fast.
    The runners were all disappointed about the cancellation of the race.  A number of them were heard saying another run bites the dust.
  1. Students of long-distance running typically excel because, in the long run, their education pays off.
  1. Pigs are never able to be runners because they keep pulling their hamstrings.
  1. A fishmonger once completed a race in last place.  His explanation was that his heart and sole were not into it. 
  1. What happens when a runner forgets something?
    They spend hours jogging their memory.
  1. How is it possible for a barber to win any race?
    When he takes a short cut.
  1. Confucius was heard to say that a man running behind an auto will become exhausted, but any man running in front of an auto will definitely get tired.
  1. What is the epitome of the term absolute jealousy?  When a would-be runner is driving their car and passes people who are already running.
  1. What is the definition of the phrase “dedicated runner?”
    When a person’s treadmill has far more miles on it than his car does.
  1. There are many reasons jogging is beneficial.  Not only is it good for your feet, legs, and overall body fitness, but it is great for the ground.  That is because jogging makes the ground feel needed.
  1. In an anti-running sentiment expressed by a famous person, that person was known to say that the Lord gave everyone a finite number of heartbeats.  Knowing that, he was not about to use up his heartbeats running up and down a roadway.
  1. A different famous person was discussing the challenges to long-distance running.  She claimed that one of the most frequently-occurring challenges was the answer to the question of where to leave your house keys during the activity.
  1. Running experts expounding a bit of humor stated that finishing a good run is much like having a cup of coffee.  The person feels a lot nicer afterwards.
  1. A notable comedian once said that his doctor advised him that jogging would add years to his life.  This gentleman stated that the doctor was right because he already felt ten years older.
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Joking while running can be a fun way to make the miles go by faster and keep your spirits high.
  1. A person who was new to running was heard telling his friends, “if I don’t acknowledge you while I’m running, it is because I am doing my best not to die in the process.”
  1. Some standard jokes about running involve the statement, “don’t people who run at 6 in the morning know better than to run at 6 in the morning?”
  1. A common joke amongst runners is that when they run near a friend’s home, they get the urge to text them and ask if they can use the rest room really fast.
  1. Another common occurrence amongst new joggers is the joke about them jogging for 8 minutes, then continuing to sweat for 14 hours or more.
  1. Less experienced runners will claim that doing so is great because you forget all of your problems.  The exception is the one problem that your whole body hurts afterward.
  1. What person is considered to be the fastest runner in all of history?
  1. That would be Adam because he was first in the human race.
  1. If a runner is known for getting athlete’s foot, what ailment does an astronaut get?
    That would be mistletoe.
  1. For what reason do vegetables stop running the cross-country race?
    Because they do not like meets.
  1. What would you call running shoes that are created from the skins of bananas?Slippers.
  1. What did the coffee drinker say about all of her running?
    She was running a little latte!
  1. A veteran running coach was heard saying he tried to get the team to do trails, but all members had a one-track mind.

Final Thoughts on Jokes About Running

Mic drop!

It is our hope that, regardless of your experience level, you and your mates will get some laughs out of these jokes about running.  The idea is to foster bonding amongst runners and give them the push they need to make great strides. Literally.

For more helpful tips to improve your run, check out our article on the ideal running cadence. It’s the little things that can go a long way in succeeding. 

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