7 Best Walking Shoes for Narrow Feet (Our 2024 Review)

If you don’t have time to read the entire review and just want to find out the best walking shoes for narrow feet, then we recommend both the Men and Women’s Allbirds Tree Runners as the best choice.

Walking is a fantastic way to improve your fitness and health. This habit is great for maintaining your physique, boosting your heart health, and it’s even proven to improve your mood.

But what if you have narrow feet? Even the simplest activity like walking can be an issue with your foot slipping out of the shoe, which can potentially lead to serious injury.

Plus, issues with painful corns and calluses are also quite common if you wear shoes that aren’t suitable.

To help you out, we’ve combed the internet to find the 7 best walking shoes for narrow feet, because we want you to keep enjoying this healthy habit even more.

Incorrect footwear can be a cause of many problems. Before spending money on a pair of shoes that don’t fit properly, cause pain, and can lead to a number of other issues, there are some factors to consider.

Luckily, we’ve done the research into the 7 best walking shoes for narrow feet for you. In addition, we’ve conveniently outlined them according to relevant categories. Interested to find out more? Keep reading.

In this post, we’ve reviewed the Best Shoes for Your Zumba Workouts. These are:

Best Walking Shoes for Narrow Feet Reviews

1. Best Overall: Allbirds Tree Runners

Best Overall for Women: Women’s Allbirds Tree Runners

Walking Shoes Narrow Feet_Allbirds Women’s Tree Runners | Best Overall (for both Men & Women): Allbirds Women’s and Men’s Tree Runners | best cushioned walking shoes

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Best Overall for Men: Men’s Allbirds Tree Runners

Walking Shoes Narrow Feet_Allbirds Men’s Tree Runners | Best Overall (for both Men & Women): Allbirds Women’s and Men’s Tree Runners | best running shoes for narrow feet

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How do we even start describing these shoes? Let’s begin by saying that A-listers have gone crazy about them in the last couple of years. Immediately, you might think we’re recommending pricey shoes. But, on the contrary, they’re quite affordable.

Allbirds are a great combination of comfort and aesthetics, and you can wear them with various outfits. That said, the sleek, minimalist design and colors will cater to almost anyone’s taste. Ordinarily, men and women’s Tree Runners come in three classic colors.

But there are 10 limited edition color options for women and 13 for men. These are mostly neutral tones, so they’ll suit everybody.

Just like other Allbirds shoes, these are also made from sustainable materials. The soft eucalyptus pulp is used for the fabric of the Tree Runners, making them incredibly breezy.

They’re so light and breathable, you can wear them without socks. And since they feel quite snug, even those with narrow feet won’t have problems wearing them barefoot.

As much as you love walking, you probably often experience irritation and get calluses and corns after hours of walking if the insoles of their shoes are uncomfortable.

With Allbirds, you won’t have issues of this kind. They know the importance of healthy soles, which is why they use merino wool. Not only does it make you feel like you’re walking on a cloud, but it also helps prevent any odors.

Plus, by using a natural fiber like merino wool, Allbirds manufacture shoes with little negative impact on the environment.

These shoes are especially great for warm, city weather. The materials used will keep your feet dry and give you a much-needed cooling effect. Since they’re modern, comfortable, and versatile, people often wear them on longer trips.

They’re the perfect go-to shoes you want to wear on all-day walks while you explore the city or run errands.

In a nutshell, Allbirds women’s and men’s Tree Runners are excellent value for money. They’re comfy, feel snug, plus they look stylish. If you get them, we’re sure you’ll wear them for a long time and won’t have any problems with calluses or corns.


  • Breathable
  • Great for hot weather
  • Stylish
  • Extremely comfortable


  • Not suitable for rain

2. Runner-Up Option for Men: Brooks Addiction Walker 2

Walking Shoes Narrow Feet_Brooks Addiction Walker 2 | Runner-Up Option for Men: Brooks Addiction Walker 2 | designer shoes narrow feet

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The fact that many podiatrists recommend Brooks Addiction Walker 2 to their patients says it all.

Although not the most fashionable shoes, they’re great if you’re looking for a classic pair of sneakers that’ll provide support for your narrow feet, especially if you’re used to standing all day at work.

The color options are limited – you just get the classic white and black. This might be a turn-off for some men, especially if they like to have colorful shoes.

However, it’s also great news for other people who can feel overwhelmed by different styles and color options on the market.

The leather upper on these shoes has been updated from the Brooks Addiction Walker, making them sturdier and more longer lasting. Since the fit here is contoured, they feel snug and provide the support you need.

When you’re walking long distances, shoes must have comfortable cushioning. This prevents any irritations and blisters, which are especially common for those with narrow feet.

The Brooks Addiction Walker 2 has a BioMoGo midsole cushioning, great for soft landing and steps.

Moreover, this improved, soft cushioning is suitable for people with plantar fasciitis. And if you’re one of those people, you can find some interesting pics here.

Still, the Brooks Addiction Walker 2 aren’t only a good option for you if you have plantar fasciitis, but also narrow and flat feet.

It’s worth noting a lot of customers praise these shoes as running true to size and running narrow. So you won’t have problems getting the ideal fit.

It’s worth noting that the outsole is deemed as slip-resistant. However, this only applies to water on most surfaces. That said, don’t expect these shoes to be completely non-slip.

Luckily, the Brooks Addiction Walker 2 have a traditional lace-up system, which provides further support and secures your ankles. And that’s always a better option for folks with narrow feet than Velcro shoes.


  • Comfortable cushioning
  • Great even for those with flat feet
  • Suitable for long walks and standing
  • Improved upper leather


  • Limited color options
  • Not exactly fashionable

3. Runner-Up Option for Women: Ryka Devotion Plus 2

Walking Shoes Narrow Feet_Ryka Devotion Plus 2 | Runner-Up Option for Women: Ryka Devotion Plus 2 | best walking shoes for men

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Getting lightweight shoes is vital if you like walking or enjoy various other activities. At just 235 grams, the Ryka Devotion Plus 2 feel incredibly light and are built with comfort in mind. Plus, they aren’t bulky, making them ideal for long walks.

This model comes in eight different color options, so there’s something for every woman.

The materials are carefully chosen to help keep your feet in place. And when you have narrow feet that tend to slip, this is especially important. A combination of airy mesh and synthetic materials makes these shoes perfect for warmer weather.

They’ll keep you cool, and your feet will be able to breathe, even during long walks. Plus, synthetic materials are durable, making the Ryka Devotion Plus 2 a worthwhile investment.

Superior arch support is another characteristic of these sneakers. Not many walking shoes for narrow feet ensure natural movement and feel supportive, but these do. They’re created for those with medium to high arches.

The rubber outsole design feels stable and provides comfort. Generally speaking, the design is a bit different from some other shoes, so you might have to get used to it. However, a pleasant surprise is the insole.

It’s soft and reduces heel pain. Moreover, it cradles your foot nice and snuggly, so it won’t move around in the shoe. Lycra is used for its lining, so you won’t experience any irritations or blisters.

The EVA midsole and RE-ZORB platform stretch over the foot, providing extra comfort for ladies. With extra foam, there’s more shock absorption. This is especially useful for extended walks, as it protects your joints and feet.

The shoes tend to run on the smaller size. Therefore, to avoid getting the wrong fit, it’s better if you move a size up. In addition, keep in mind that these shoes aren’t suitable for wet weather.


  • Various color options
  • EVA midsole
  • Great arch support
  • Lightweight


  • Tend to run on the smaller size
  • Not suitable for wet conditions

4. Women’s Best Value for the Money: SKECHERS Performance Go Walk 5

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These stylish walking shoes for women are a great choice if you’re looking for something that isn’t going to break the bank. Moreover, getting a pair of shoes that are machine-washable is super convenient. Lucky for you, the improved technology in these SKECHERS Performance Go Walk 5 allows just that.

The slip-ons come with a quick fit portal at the heel for easy entry. Many such shoes can be quite uncomfortable around the heel area, so you have to put on band-aids to get through the day. But these shoes have a padded area that will prevent any blisters.

The comfortable pillars on the outsole are designed to support the main pressure points of your feet from heel to toes. They also provide extra comfort on the sole of your foot. Moreover, this technology reduces joint and lower extremity stress.

Most of the time, walking shoes don’t have that feminine feel to them; they’re either too sporty or too bulky. But that isn’t the case with Skechers Performance Go Walk 5. These shoes are sleek, modern, and come in two different colors: taupe and navy/gold.

Classic colors that go with everything and won’t go out of style any time soon. Plus, they’re coated with cute glitter. So if you’re a lady leading an active lifestyle, you’ll love these shoes.

Ideal for running errands, walking long distances, you can also dress them up and wear them on a date night.

The woven heathered mesh gives that light feel, so you won’t even notice wearing these shoes. It’s also incredibly stretchy. Therefore, it’ll adjust to your feet easily.

That way, you get customized shoes. And let’s face it, even narrow feet can swell if you wear your shoes all day. But with the way these shoes are stretchy, you won’t experience those kinds of problems.

The breathable Goga Mat insole provides support for your heels and feet. And this is something made exclusively for Skechers shoes.

Have you ever tried yoga? You know how sturdy yet soft yoga mats are. Goga Mat is a version of a yoga mat. It’s made of three parts, giving these shoes a comfortable, airy aspect.


  • Fashionable
  • Machine washable
  • Extra comfortable pillars
  • Breathable materials used


  • Can make squeaky noise

5. Men’s Best Value for Money: ASICS Men’s Gel-Kayano 25

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Although slightly heavier than other neutral shoes, the Asics Kayano 25 provide enough support and stability for men with narrow feet.

They come in various color options, and even though they’re technically running shoes, they can be combined with various outfits for long walks. That said, if you purchase the Kayano 25, you’ll get awesome walking and running shoes.

This model uses the new Jacquard mesh, which is incredibly soft on the feet. Instead of being printed, this material is woven, making it quite robust and resilient. Furthermore, the thickness makes these shoes snug.

As opposed to one layer, you can see these shoes have a lot of thick layers. This gives the wearer a sense of flexibility. They’re also reliable, provide enough support and stability, which isn’t a surprise given Asics’ long, distinguished reputation.

If you have a wide toe box, you might have trouble finding the right walking shoes. These Kayano 25s are incredibly wide and save your toes the extra burden.

No more cramped toes! And with the lacing system men with narrow feet won’t feel as if these shoes are too wide for them.

Compared to other versions of Asics, the Kayano 25 has FlyteFoam Propel and FlyteFoam Lyte in the midsole, which means extra cushioning.

The superior heel grip does a fantastic job of keeping both your heel and foot in place. And although this means your feet won’t slip, you still have enough room, as the shoes aren’t tight. With a stability level of five, these are one of the top shoes in that category.

The insoles of Asics read “25,” which represents the 25th version of Gel Kayano shoes. The outsole is made of good quality rubber and has a gap running through the middle.

Known as a “Guidance line,” this gap improves the walking efficiency and flexibility. In the center, there’s a small plastic area, which helps the middle of your foot feel supported.


  • Soft Jacquard mesh
  • Extra cushioning
  • Great heel grip
  • Comfortable for long walks


  • Can run slightly bigger

6. Best Narrow Width Walking Shoes: ASICS Men’s GEL-Nimbus 20

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If money isn’t an issue, these shoes could be the right choice for you. Initially designed for running, the Asics Nimbus 20 is also a fantastic shoe for walking.

They’re a classic, well-built, cushioned pair. The color options are incredible, so if you’re someone who doesn’t like plain black or white sneakers, you’ll have a tough choice selecting the ones you want to buy.

However, since they’re typical running shoes, they aren’t the most aesthetically pleasing, so keep that in mind. But when you’re looking for shoes that are great for weight loss while walking, that doesn’t matter so much.

The newly improved design is especially suitable for those with narrow feet. Furthermore, the mesh is different from the earlier Nimbus versions; it’s less restrictive and multidirectional, which gives you that glove-like fit.

Plus, the Nimbus 20 have excellent breathability. And when you live in a warmer climate, you want to get a good amount of airflow in your shoes.

The 10mm drop from heel to toes is just right for most men. The ExoSkeletal Asics heel technology is responsible for keeping your heel in place and gives you an improved foot environment.

What’s more, the combination of FlyteFoam and gel allows you to spend more time on the road without feeling tired and sore.

The shoes feel a bit bulky, but that’s because of the extra cushioning. When walking, this isn’t an issue, but if you want to run too, you might feel like they slow you down.

The new asymmetric lacing system isn’t something you often see in shoes. It gives you a firm grip and prevents possible irritations. It might take a while to get used to it, though.

Finally, owing to the OrhoLite technology, extra moisture and blisters aren’t an issue.


  • Improved foot and heel environment
  • Different color options
  • Good airflow
  • OrthoLite technology for moisture management


  • Pricey

7. Best Shoes for Narrow Feet and Bad Knees: ASICS GT-2000 6 Men’s Running Shoes

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Narrow feet and bad knees can make it difficult to select the right walking shoes. Motion-control is vital in this situation, and the Asics GT-2000 6 excel in that category.

Since they’re well built, you’re going to invest in a faithful walking buddy that’ll be by your side for a long time.

The upper has been improved, so it now has additional loops for shoelaces. This will help you knot the shoelaces even more, thus ensuring your feet are snug.

The shoes feel comfortable and look sleek, owning to the removed plastic heel counter and exterior overlays. This seamless improvement has made a world of difference to the Asics GT-2000 6.

They’re still incredibly stable, keep your foot in place, but have a cleaner look. So even those with narrow feet can rest assured that the removal of the heel cradle doesn’t mean their feet will slip out of the shoe.

The FlyteFoam midsole is what we love about them. This technology improves your walking efficiency.

There’s also a gel system in the rear and forefoot, which decreases shock. It’ll also protect your feet, whether you’re walking five or ten miles. The staple “Guidance line” on the bottom of the shoe will help guide your feet and keep your step secure.

The built-in reinforcing in the upper of the shoe is an upgrade from other models. This has proven to be very comfortable, plus it protects the mesh from tearing down easily. The rubber used for the sole feels sturdy and reliable yet soft and comfortable.

And when you’re someone who often experiences knee pain, that kind of factor is everything.

When you get new shoes, you sometimes have to add an insole. However, the Asics GT-2000 6 are an exception. They’re sneakers you can wear right out of the box as they feel comfortable almost immediately.


  • Great for those with knee pain
  • Additional shoe loops
  • Mesh protecting reinforcement
  • Durable FlyteFoam


  • Not very versatile

Final Verdict

The Allbirds Tree Runners for men and women are the best overall option on this list of shoes for narrow feet. They’re comfy, great value for money, look fantastic with different outfits, and feel snug even if you wear them without socks.

Although SKECHERS Performance Go Walk 5 are also versatile for women and much cheaper, those who don’t like slip-ons might want to skip them. But Allbirds win in the comfort category.

The Brooks Addiction Walker 2 may have an established reputation, but they aren’t exactly fashionable and tend to be slippery. Plus, in terms of foot support and how they feel on narrow feet, the Allbirds Tree Runners take the trophy.

In a nutshell, in terms of style, price, and comfort, the Allbirds Tree Runners are the best walking shoes for narrow feet.

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