6 Best Water Bottles for Working Out (Our Review 2024)

It shouldn’t seem surprising that some people pay good money for a reusable water bottle.

While you may not need one at home, you will need it when you’re working out. Staying in shape will do good things for your body, general health, confidence, and mental health.

Whether you’re drinking water, energy drinks, or a special blend of supplements, having a quality water bottle during your workouts is very important.

You need to stay hydrated while you’re working out in order to avoid muscle cramps, exhaustion, and other common conditions.

Check out some of the best water bottles, to be followed by a guide that will tell you everything you need to know about how to compare the best water bottles for working out and how to pick the right one for your workout routine.

Best Water Bottles for Working Out Reviews

1. Best Overall: Mira Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle

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This water bottle can be found in two sizes: 17oz and 25oz. Being made of stainless steel gives it great insulation and great durability. This is not a bottle you have to worry about accidental drops.

The bottle is double-walled – that’s, of course, the design principle of a thermos. This will minimize heat transfer in and out of the bottle.

It should also last you for years to come and you can take it anywhere with you, not just to the local gym; it can make an excellent camping or hiking water bottle.

Due to its superior insulation, the Mira flask can keep water cool for up to 24 hours. Conversely, you can use it to keep drinks hot or warm for around 12 hours, but there are very rare instances when hot water or hot drinks are required for workouts.

The bottle is obviously BPA-free. It also has a rather sleek design, which should allow it to fit easily in most gym bags. It’s also easy to hold in your hand for extended periods of time thanks to its cola bottle shape and non-slip sleeve.

Note that the bottle mouth is 1.35” for the 17oz model and 1.45” on the 25oz model. If you prefer the one with the larger opening, go for it. Just remember that the 25oz bottle may not fit in traditional cup holders or bottle holders.


  • Great insulation
  • Superior durability
  • BPA-free
  • Available in two sizes
  • Slim design


  • May not always keep water as hot as you need it

2. Most Durable: Hydro Flask W32 Wide Mouth Water Bottle

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The Hydro Flask comes in various sizes. The smallest bottle is 18oz while the most popular model is 32oz (the W32). Two larger bottles are also available at 40oz and 64oz. Clearly, these bottles will suit those who drink more during workouts.

Of course, size considerations aside, even if you may not need such a large water bottle, this is still a model worth considering. It’s made of durable food-grade stainless steel and features a double-wall construction.

The exterior is covered in a powder coat that offers a reliable grip, even for the larger Hydro Flasks. The vacuum double-wall acts as insulation which can help keep your drink cold for up to a full day.

Another interesting and important feature is the wide mouth opening which is compatible with various lids.

You can use the hydro cap and take advantage of the wide mouth opening or you can use the straw lid built into the wide mouth flex cap (which is more leak-proof and will keep the insulation mostly intact).

If there’s one downside to the Hydro Flask is that it has a rather bulky design. This means that only the 18oz bottle will fit cup holders. The others will have to sit on the floor or on the ground while you’re working out.


  • Available in multiple sizes
  • Durable construction
  • Non-slip coating
  • Multiple lid designs available
  • Keeps water cold for up to 24 hours


  • Won’t keep water warm more than 6 hours

3. Best Insulation: S’Well Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle

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The S’Well water bottle comes in one size of 17oz capacity. This is also made from food-grade stainless steel and offers great insulation for hot or cold drinks.

Unlike other water bottles in this price range, the S’Well water bottle has a triple-walled construction. Because of this, it boasts higher durability, impact resistance, and better insulation.

Due to the design and insulation, the exterior also remains dry for longer. This makes the bottle less messy and easier to hold for extended periods of time. The sleek shape also helps with the grip.

The mouth opening is somewhat smaller than in other models at 1.14” wide. It’s not exactly a bad thing since not everyone takes large sips of water while working out. However, this may make the bottle seem less appealing for hiking, camping, or traveling.


  • Slim shape
  • Triple-walled construction
  • Superior insulation for hot and cold drinks
  • Reliable lid


  • Only available in one size

4. Most Affordable: Contigo AUTOSEAL Chill Stainless Steel Water Bottle

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Having access to the best water bottle for working out won’t help you lose weight or get ripped faster. It’s a nice commodity and offers some convenience.

That being said, some people may be more interested in finding an affordable water bottle that won’t spill and/or alter the taste of their water.

If affordability is your main concern then the Contigo water bottle might be the one for you. It has a double-walled stainless steel construction of decent insulating properties. You should be able to keep your water cold for around 12 hours at least.

It has a protective spout cover that keeps it hygienic and an AUTOSEAL lid which prevents leaks in between sips. The price is one that should fit any budget. The only downside is that it doesn’t offer an entirely non-slip grip or exterior.

The carry handle helps in transit but it won’t do you a whole lot of good when you’re running miles on the treadmill. The capacity is 24oz. The shape of the bottle will let you place it in a cup holder.


  • Great insulation
  • Carry handle
  • Good capacity
  • Automatic seal on the lid
  • Affordable


  • Not the best grip

5. Largest Capacity: Under Armour Sideline Water Jug

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What do you do when a water bottle simply isn’t satisfying your hydration needs? In this case, you may want to start looking at workout water jugs. They’re bigger and bulkier but they might just hold enough water for your high-intensity training regimen.

This water jug is insulated by way of a foam double-wall. It’s effective enough to keep water cold for up to 12 hours. The lid only requires one hand to use due to its flip-top design.

The carry handle is very sturdy and can also be pushed down, folded, and hidden when not in use. Of course, it’s all about the capacity with this plastic water jug.

The 64oz capacity should be more than enough to satisfy any professional or amateur athlete whether they’re working out or in the middle of a competition.


  • Relatively sturdy
  • Great insulation
  • Large 64oz capacity
  • One-hand operation


  • Average grip

6. Best for Reinforcing a Water Consumption Habit: HidrateSpark 3

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HidrateSpark 3 represents the future of on-the-go hydration.

Its 20-ounce capacity is comparable to other water bottles, and it fits into standard-sized cup holders, bottle cages, and backpack pockets.

Standard features include a soft body grip, courtesy of its silicon sleeve. This provides comfort and prevents slippage while you’re on the go. This smart water bottle also conditions you to drink more often.

It’s battery-operated and comes with a Bluetooth-enabled app that records data about your water intake. HidrateSpark 3 syncs with most fitness apps for both Android and iOS.

It also comes with customizable reminders. The bottle glows when it’s time to rehydrate, or to let you know that you’ve already hit your hydration goal for the day.

Finally, it has a location-tracking feature so you’ll never lose your water bottle ever again.

All these features make the HidrateSpark 3 the priciest product in this review. But if price is not an issue, this bottle is the best tool available to ensure you stay hydrated.


  • Ideal size to fit into most holders
  • Reminders about daily water intake
  • Location finder
  • Syncs information with fitness apps to track hydration goals


  • Pricier than regular water bottles

Buyer’s Guide


If you like following workout routines to the T, then also make sure that you get water bottle of the recommended size.

There are no strict guidelines to follow here other than to make sure that the bottle can hold enough fluid and that it’s small enough not to inconvenience you in transit.

With that in mind, there is no right or wrong volume capacity for workout bottles. Each person should drink a specific amount of water during various workout routines.

The recommended amount is usually dependent on the workout intensity, muscle groups being worked, the person’s height and weight, health concerns, and other things.

When in doubt about how much water you should drink during workouts, consult a doctor, nutritionist, a fitness expert, or someone else that can help you understand what your body needs.


A water bottle’s shape is all about ergonomics. The shape is what can make the difference between being able to hold the bottle while you’re running and having to set it down during your workout.

Keep in mind that some stationary bikes may have bottle holders. If you use this type of equipment often, it’s a good idea to look for water bottles that can fit in any stationary bike bottle holder.

The shape will give you a decent or a poor grip. But, there is one other way to improve the grip — simple accessory that most workout water bottles come with these days …


Sleeves serve two purposes. You may like the cool graphics and aesthetics but that’s not what’s important. Sleeves can provide insulation and improve your grip on the water bottle.

Lightly textured sleeves, rubbery sleeves, and even deep-grooved sleeves can make all the difference in the world. This is the easiest way to take care of most handling issues.


Workout bottles or gym bottles are usually made from one of three materials.


Plastic is the most common choice and also the cheapest. Plastic water bottles are lightweight and can come in various shapes and sizes.

But not all plastic water bottles are safe to drink from in the long run. Look for BPA-free plastic bottles if you prefer this type of workout water bottle or water container.

BPA-free bottles are safer to drink from because the material is deemed food-grade and won’t leach hazardous chemicals into the content.

The alternative would almost guarantee that your water will develop an uncomfortable odor and taste.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel water bottles are also safe to drink from. Food-grade stainless steel types are non-reactive to water and anything drinkable that you can throw at it (assuming you don’t drink hydrochloric acid).

Also important to note is that the only way to construct a thermos is with metals like stainless steel. A vacuum double-wall insulated stainless steel bottle can keep your water cool for a long time – this is not possible with plastic or glass bottles.

However, insulated stainless steel bottles will have an external layer of plastic or some other non-heat-conducting material.

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A vacuum double-wall insulated stainless steel bottle can keep your water cool for a long time.

That being said, there is one minor downside. Stainless steel bottles can be quite heavy on their own, especially the insulated ones.


Glass water bottles are great alternatives to plastic bottles. They are less likely to develop odors and they don’t have any chemicals that might alter the taste or smell of the content.

There are however issues with the durability of glass water bottles. They’re prone to breaking quite easily. Therefore, you might end up paying extra for a glass workout water bottle since it needs a quality sleeve on it. Glass bottles also tend to become slippery.

You can solve some of the durability problems with Pyrex or borosilicate glass, though it can still break and it can be heavier than stainless steel.

Thermal Insulation

You’ll have to eliminate two types of heat transfer: conduction and radiation. The heat radiation problem is solved with double-walled stainless steel with a vacuum in the middle. Why vacuum? When there are no gas molecules, there will be no heat radiation.

Furthermore, the conduction problem is solved by having a layer of insulating material over the stainless steel, plus a layer of plastic over the insulation.

You can add a sleeve to cut down heat conduction even more. It’s impossible to achieve 100% thermal insulation, so expect a few hours up to 24 hours of performance.


A well-designed spout is something you should strive to find. Many fitness trainers advise taking small sips of water during workouts. Of course, sometimes you just get thirsty and you need to quench the thirst.

It’s a good idea to look for a spout that won’t cause you to drink too much at once. But, one that has an opening wide enough to let you increase your intake volume when you need to.


The quality of the lid should never be underestimated in its importance. A leak-proof lid is almost essential whether you keep the water bottle in the fridge, on the ground, or in your hand while you’re exercising.

[Is water too boring for you? You might want to try some water flavor enhancers.]

Final Verdict

The Mira stainless steel water bottle might just be the best water bottle for working out (and for everyone).

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The variety in bottle capacity, the superior insulation, and the very comfortable grip are all features that add great value and make the bottles worth every penny.

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