Ears Hurt After Running? 7 Reasons Why This is Happening

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You may expect to experience some type of pain when you run…maybe some pain from shin splints, calf pain, a little knee pain if you’ve put a few too many miles on your shoes, and probably some heel pain at times. Plus, muscle cramps are always a dreaded possibility. But…ear pain? This seems entirely unrelated … Read more

10 Tips for Standing All Day at Work to Prevent Soreness

tips for standing all day | best tips for standing all day | tips for standing on your feet all day

Millions of workers around the world have jobs that require extended standing. From teachers and assembly line workers, to retail workers, baristas, bartenders, cashiers, and security guards, a huge range of professions require extended standing. Interestingly, standing at work appears to be at least partly cultural in origin: in Denmark, 30-40 percent of workers stand … Read more

75 Quotes About Health to Improve Your Body and Mind

quotes about health | quotes about health and wellness | health quotes inspirational

Looking for motivating quotes that can help you live a healthier life? There are so many ways to be healthy, such as eating the right food, doing exercise, and drinking lots of water and naturally made juices. But it is equally important that you stay motivated while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. In this article, we … Read more