Can You Go Hiking in Doc Martens? Yes or No…

Taking a hike can be a great outdoor exercise option for anyone. Not only is it a good way to burn some calories, but you will receive a mood boost just by being in the great outdoors. You’ll be given the opportunity to take in some beautiful scenery and and can share the hike with someone you enjoy spending time with. A good companion makes so many things in life better.

If you are going to take a hike, you will need to have a quality set of shoes to provide stability and protection for your feet. A popular form of shoes that people like to wear is Doc Martens… and I’ve seen my fair share of people hiking in them, which made me wonder.

Can You Go hiking in Doc Martens?

As stylish, sturdy and surprisingly comfortable as they are… no, they are not ideal for hiking. Sorry folks!

While Doc Martens can be quite durable and solid, as far as foot protection goes, they are really only meant to be worn in limited conditions. Doc Martens are durable in any city environment, but are not really designed for going off the trail.  When hiking in Doc Martens, it would behoove you to stick to paths that have a well-defined trail.

Further, you should try wearing your Doc Martens for an extended period of time while walking to ensure they will continue to be comfortable to last through a longer hike. While it certainly can be done, especially on short and relatively flatter hikes, it’s not recommended. Traditional hiking boots are really the way to go.  

Benefits of Investing in Hiking Boots

A great option for many hikers is to invest the time to research and purchase a quality pair of hiking boots. There are various reasons why hiking boots are a good option when you are going to go on your next outdoor adventure.

Hiking Boots Provide Ideal Support

One of the advantages of wearing a quality set of hiking boots is that they can provide you with great support. When you are going on a trail, there are going to be a lot of twists and turns, changes in elevations, and areas with less sturdy terrain. If you are not careful and properly supported, this can quickly translate into a sprained or twisted ankle. Quality hiking boots today are designed for this type of terrain and will do a great job of protecting your ankles.

Good Traction

Hiking boots are designed to be worn in challenging environments. An important feature that you will get with these boots is very hard soles. The soles on your boots are designed to protect your feet from sticks, rocks, and other pieces of debris that could otherwise cause injury. This can also help ensure that you retain proper traction at all times.

Easy to Keep Clean and Dry

Beyond having good support and traction, you will want to be dry and clean at all times when you are on a hike. If your feet get dirty and wet, they can quickly develop blisters. These can be painful and even cause a risk of infection in some cases. With hiking boots, you will enjoy their weather and water-resistant design, which will help keep your feet comfortable and dry… and hopefully blister free!


You will also find that hiking boots can be more comfortable than other options when you are hiking. A quality set of hiking boots will provide traction and support, which can prevent soreness in your legs. Further, if you choose a set that is the right size based on the room in the toes and sides of feet, you can prevent your feet from feeling tired.  

Final Thoughts on Whether Hiking in Doc Martens is a Good Idea

If you are going on a hike, you will want to know that you have a quality set of shoes to provide the necessary support. While a set of Doc Martens can be quite stylish, they are not always an ideal option for those that would like to go on a long hike through challenging terrain.

9 times out of 10, investing in a quality set of hiking boots is our best option. They offer everything you need to have an enjoyable, comfortable and safe hike.

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