9 Best Hiking T-Shirt Options for 2024

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Choosing a hiking t-shirt shouldn’t be rocket science, nor should it be done without a bit of thought. Let’s face it – hiking would be a major buzzkill if your shirt doesn’t provide proper insulation, is unable to wick sweat from your body, or makes you chafe. Physically demanding activities such as hiking require that … Read more

15 Best Hikes & Trails in New Jersey for 2024

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New Jersey has some of the most beautiful hiking trails waiting to be explored, perfect for both beginners and experienced hikers. In this article, we will introduce you to 15 of the best trails in the Garden State that offer stunning views and unforgettable experiences. From the popular Hacklebarney Loop Trail in Long Valley, which … Read more

How to Plan a Fun Hiking Date: 11 Simple Steps

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If you enjoy hiking, taking the time to plan a fun hiking date may be an excellent idea. That being said, there is a massive difference between hiking alone or with friends… and hiking on a date.  The latter often requires more thoughtfulness and taking the time to consider the other person’s preferences, physical composition, … Read more