43 Funny Hiking Jokes to Enjoy on the Trail

If you’ve ever found yourself becoming bored on a hike, you might like to know that telling hiking jokes can brighten your day. In fact, laughter has plenty of benefits… whether you’re hiking or not.

A good laugh can:

  • Boost the immune system
  • Help you feel less angry and prone to conflict
  • Temporarily relieve pain
  • Improve your mood
  • Relieve stress and physical tension
  • Helpful in burning calories
  • Strengthen the heart by improving blood circulation

There is an old saying, “Laughter is the best medicine.” And it’s possibly true, as some believe in can aid in longevity (just look at Betty White).  Besides this, laughter can provide you with a way to bond better with the people you care about. 

In my opinion, telling a good joke can make hiking more fun. Indeed, doing this puts me in such a great mood that I have extra energy to last for hours. If you don’t feel like coming up with jokes on your own, no worries… I’ve put together a list of hiking jokes to keep you occupied.

Why Tell Jokes While Hiking?

Telling jokes while hiking can be a great way to pass the time on longer hikes, or cheer everyone up on tougher ones. Despite the fact you might love nature, jokes can be useful to alleviate boredom and help you and those with you take life less seriously. We all need something to make us laugh sometimes and hilarious jokes can give you an easy way to forget about anything that may bother you. 

As a bonus, if you’re hiking with a new partner or group, getting to know people can go more smoothly when you tell hiking jokes.  For instance, doing this on dates can break the ice and be helpful in avoiding awkwardness.

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Jokes can be useful to alleviate boredom and help you and those with you take life less seriously.

Throughout my life, I’ve noticed that having a sense of humor comes in handy when I’m in uncomfortable or difficult situations. Furthermore, it gives me a way to socialize and make my family and friends laugh. 

Funny Hiking Jokes

Let’s face it. There will likely be times when hiking isn’t going to be as exciting as you’d like.  So many factors can come into play… sudden changes in weather, shoe pain, blisters, unexpected slips and falls.  That’s why you should be prepared with some funny jokes in your arsenal to lighten the mood.

Here are several hiking jokes you can tell again and again: 

  1. What did the guide tell the hikers when he needed to take a break from his job? May the forest be with you. 
  2. Why do these mountains make people laugh? Because they’re hill areas. 
  3. When I asked my father for directions to the hilltop for our picnic, he replied, “Let me summit up for you.”
  4. When I heard a concerning noise coming from a nearby tree, I asked it, “Are you oak-ay?” It replied back, “Oh, I’m completely pine.”
  5. There’s a fine line between hill and hell. 
  6. What do you tell someone who keeps complaining about the heat as you head up a hill? Hill out, we only have three miles left to go. 
  7. My father asked me how my last hike went. I told him, “It had its ups and downs.”
  8. I told my friend, “I decided to go hiking last autumn and had to trek through piles of fallen leaves.” He replied, “Unbe-leaf-able!”
  9. We were hiking all day when we noticed a few fallen trees blocking our path. I told my friend, “Hold on, let me put on my trail blazer and I’ll help you get past those.”  
  10. While rocks may seem a bit ordinary at times, I don’t really take them for granite. 
  11. I said to my father, “Hey dad, I’m so tired of staring at all of these trees.” He replied in frustration, “Wood you please be quiet!”
  12. Which mountain is idle all of the time? Mount Ever rest.
  13. During a trail walk, I told a friend, “Using the bathroom in the woods is too uncivilized. Instead, I’m going to use the facilitrees.” She replied, “That’s just pine and oak-ay with me.”
  14. I informed my friend, “My dog’s name is Yogi and I’m bringing him hiking with us today. He bears high climbs and picnics quite well.” My friend answered, “It looks like I have no choice but to grin and bear him then.”
  15. That steep walking trail leads to an insane asylum and it’s called a psychopath. 
  16. You know, hiding from bears won’t solve your problems. Why don’t you come out and get a little boulder?
  17. The guide told me the best place to have lunch is when we find a fork in the path. 
  18. I complained to my father, “This hike is taking too long.” He responded, “Rushmore and we’ll get there faster.”
  19. You thought going uphill was a struggle, but once we arrive at the peak, it will be all downhill from there. 
  20. I asked my friend, “What are you doing?” He answered, “I’m just stopping forest.”
  21. At one point, I couldn’t decide which of the two trails in front of me to take. In order to avoid a trail mix-up, I consulted my map.
  22. Wood you beleaf I’m going to be playing a role in a movie about nature?
  23. What’s a supreme ruler who enjoys hiking called? A Roamin’ Emperor
  24. Stopping forest every hour when you’re hiking isn’t necessary if you beleaf you can go far. 
  25. After lunch was over, my father told me he was ready to get back on the trail, so I told him to go take a hike. 
  26. Did you ever hear the joke about the mountains? It was hill areas. 
  27. Throwing the rock back on the ground was easy for my father because he wasn’t sedimental. 
  28. My father and mother were arguing about being lost. She became angry and threw the map at him. This made it a lot easier to figure out their next step. 
  29. People were walking towards us when I noticed they were zombies. I deduced they were eating entrail mix. 
  30. Having six toes is rare unless the sixth toe happens to be a blister. 
  31. I beleaf I dropped my trail mix behind us. Wood you help me look for it?
  32. When we saw another group of hikers, I told my friends, “I’m ready to trail mix and mingle.”
  33. My dad could hike all day, while my mom always wanted to stop forest.
  34. While I was stuck at home, my aunt asked me why I wasn’t going hiking. I replied, “Wood if I could.”
  35. Some people don’t like the mountains. Can you beleaf that?
  36. My father told me a joke while we were hiking. I knew I shouldn’t take him for granite, so I laughed. 
  37. Hiking with someone can be an endurance test. If you can survive it together, then you can probably marry them. 
  38. Side effects of hiking include sweating, blisters, and happiness.
  39. I’m not dancing up this mountain, I’m hiking. 
  40. I asked my dad, “Can’t we take a break from hiking for a few minutes?” He said, “I never Ever rest.”
  41. When my favorite song came on while hiking, I felt like I was ready for a trail remix. 
  42. My fearless friend said, “This mountain isn’t big enough for the both of us.” Being less boulder than he, I retreated back down. 
  43. What do you call the bumps that form on your feet when you go hiking? Bliss-ters!

Final Thoughts on Hiking Jokes

Here’s the long and short of it… telling hiking jokes can be a smart and fun way to pass the time, regardless of the length or difficulty of the hike.  After all, having a sense of humor in almost any situation can make life worth living. I personally can’t get enough of laughing with friends whenever I have the chance.

Telling jokes and being playful can put everyone in the perfect mood to stay active for the day ahead.  It’s also an opportunity to add excitement and humor to your day. Of course, don’t forget all of the health benefits that come along with something as simple as telling hilarious hiking jokes.

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