The 5 Best Lightweight Long Sleeve Hiking Shirts

If you don’t have time to read the entire review and just want to find out what the best lightweight long sleeve hiking shirt is, then we recommend the Columbia PFG Super Tamiami Shirt as the best choice.

Having the best lightweight long sleeve hiking shirt will change the way you see outdoor hikes. Designed to help protect you from bug bites, excessive sweating, sun exposure, and more, these shirts are highly recommended for anyone who spends a lot of time outdoors. This is especially true for hikers who need to moderate their body temperature meanwhile protect themselves from the elements.

The five hiking shirts below are highly recommended for a ton of outdoor activities, but more specifically, hiking.

The 5 Best Lightweight Long Sleeve Hiking Shirt Reviews

1. Baleaf Outdoor Performance Shirt

The Baleaf Outdoor Performance Shirt is loose fitting and stylish, which makes it the perfect option for a multitude of outdoor activities. With a high-performance design that shields you from the sun, it has plenty to offer.

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Product Highlights

The main characteristics of the Baleaf Outdoor Performance Shirt include:

  • UPF 50+: Made from 100% polyester, this shirt has the perfect thickness to ensure your skin is shielded from harmful UVB and UVA sun rays, as it has UPF 50+.
  • Technical Fabric: Polyester is a highly technical fabric which helps to wick moisture away from your skin while ensuring you have optimal breathability when hiking. You’ll be able to keep your body cool and dry for longer than if you were to wear a cotton shirt.
  • Flatlock Seams: For added comfort, the seams on the shirt are designed using the flatlock method, so you won’t have anything rubbing against your skin. In addition, this shirt doesn’t have a tag collar to help prevent chafing.
  • Raglan Sleeves: In order to give your arms their full range of motion, the sleeves on this shirt are specifically designed to be similar to a raglan shirt.
  • Machine Washable: You can guarantee that keeping your shirt clean after a strenuous hike is simple, as this can be thrown into the washing machine and dryer instead of having to hand wash it.
  • Quick Drying: If you find yourself caught in a torrential downpour, you’ll be glad to know the shirt will dry quickly when in the sun. Also, when sweat is transferred from your body to the shirt, you won’t be stuck in a sticky piece of clothing for the duration of your hike.


  • The neck may fit tightly
  • Perfect moisture wicking
  • Doesn’t cling to the skin
  • Offers optimal sun protection


  • Stains easily
  • Too big to wear underneath clothing
  • Prone to discoloration

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2. Musen Men Sport Polo

If you’re headed out on a moderate hike or an afternoon stroll, you’ll still want to make sure you are protected from the sun and comfortable. The Musen Men Sport Polo is a great alternative for someone in the market for a more fashionable shirt designed for everyday wear.


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Product Highlights

The main features of the Musen Men Sport Polo include:

  • Ice Porcelain Cotton: This shirt is made from ice porcelain cotton which is a blend of cotton and spandex, designed to create a softer surface so that you won’t have to worry about chafing when you wear the shirt in hot weather. You’ll notice it has the feeling of natural cotton but with more of a stretch, thanks to the spandex.
  • Breathable: Compared to other polos on the market which are not recommended for hiking, this shirt is perfectly breathable. That makes it ideal for multiple activities. You’ll also feel more comfortable when hiking in hot weather.
  • Added Collar: With the addition of the collar, you can take advantage of extra sun protection along your neck, as it sits higher than most other sun protection shirts on the market.
  • Versatile: Since the Musen Men Sport Polo is designed to look like a regular polo shirt, it’s easy to pair with multiple other pieces in your wardrobe. Compared to the other shirts on this list, it’s one of the more versatile styles.


  • Easy to iron
  • Soft and stretchy
  • Looks professional


  • Absorbs moisture
  • Runs a size small
  • Not as breathable as other shirts

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3. Willit Sun Protection Hoodie

Hoodies designed for the outdoors are becoming more popular since they give you the added protection of a hood. Easily layered with other types of outdoor gear, the Willit Sun Protection Hoodie is fashionable and useful for hikes in different types of weather.

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Product Highlights

The main features of the Willit Sun Protection Hoodie include:

  • Breathable Fabric: This shirt is crafted out of 100% polyester, but the way the material is machined makes it incredibly silky and soft. You’ll find that it’s one of the more comfortable hoodies on the market which is highly breathable and helps to moderate your body temperature.
  • Moisture Wicking: Similar to any other shirt you get for hiking, this one has moisture-wicking capabilities, which is ideal for removing sweat from your body so that you stay cool and comfortable. This is also essential for preventing chafing from long-distance hikes.
  • UV Protection: With a rating of UPF 50+, this shirt will give you optimal protection from the sun. In addition, as it has a hood, you can even protect the back of your neck and the top of your head if you’re susceptible to sunburn.
  • Anti-Chafing Features: Two additional features that help to lessen your chances of chafing are the tagless collar and flatlock seams. When wearing the shirt, you won’t have any items rubbing against your skin which could cause rashes or discomfort.
  • Lightweight: When you hear the term “hoodie”, you’re likely to think of a thick and burly top. However, the Willit Sun Protection Hoodie is lightweight and feels similar to a regular-performance top.


  • Thumbholes offer extra protection
  • Perfect sun protection
  • Keeps your body cool


  • Must be hand washed to prevent shrinking
  • Sleeves may twist with thumbholes

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4. Columbia PFG Super Tamiami Shirt

True to Columbia style, this shirt is designed for any type of wearer as it looks professional enough for work but boasts numerous features for outdoor use. If you’re not a fan of the traditional feeling of dry-fit materials, this is a fantastic alternative for hikers.

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Product Highlights

The best features of the Columbia PFG Super Tamiami Shirt include:

  • UPF 40+ Fabric: Even though this shirt looks like a regular button-up, it has the added benefit of UPF 40+ protection to keep your skin safe from UVA and UVB rays.
  • Wicking Fabric: An added advantage is that the fabric is built with moisture-wicking technology designed to pull moisture away from your body. Thus, you can feel cooler and drier for longer. You’ll also find that the shirt is designed to dry quickly if it gets wet.
  • Convenient Features: With the help of two chest pockets and the roll-up sleeves, you’ll have extra storage for your valuables as well as the ability to customize the fit of the shirt.
  • Omni-Shade Technology: Aside from the UPF 40+ protection, the patented Omni-Shade Technology helps to ensure you are protected from long-term skin damage and sunburns. The shirt’s material is woven tightly and features UV absorbent yarns.


  • Dries quickly
  • Comfortable to wear all-day
  • Keeps you cool in the humidity
  • Packs easily


  • Has a baggy fit
  • Fabric may snag

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5. Magcomsen Outdoor Performance Shirt

One thing to love about the Magcomsen Outdoor Performance Shirt is that it works like a performance shirt but looks like a comfortable and casual everyday piece. Designed for golfing, hiking, or even as an everyday polo shirt, it doesn’t have the same silky feeling as the other performance shirts.

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Product Highlights

The main features of the Magcomsen Outdoor Performance Shirt include:

  • Classic Polo Style: Ideal for people who are looking for a more professional aesthetic, this shirt is designed in the classic polo style with the three-button placket and the spread collar. You’ll love the addition of the collar, as it offers even more sun protection along your neck.
  • Dry Fit: With the help of polyester, this shirt features moisture-wicking to pull sweat and moisture away from your skin into the shirt’s fabric. The shirt then dries quickly in the sun so that you can feel dry and cool throughout your entire hike.


  • Lightweight
  • Ideal for tactical situations


  • Feels rigid
  • Doesn’t have much stretch
  • Recommended for light indoor work
  • Scratches the skin

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Buyer’s Guide

People looking for performance shirts for hiking will need something to protect them from the elements, but are also comfortable to wear in all seasons. With that said, there are plenty of features to keep an eye out for when you start shopping, including:

1. Material

The hiking shirt material is the most important thing to take note of, as you’ll want something that doesn’t cause chafing and can be worn in cool and warm weather. It’s likely the shirt will be made of polyester, as it’s one of the fastest drying materials. It will also help you to moderate your body temperature, as it’s quite breathable.

However, plenty of people also like the idea of a cotton blend because it will feel softer against the skin. The only downside to cotton is it might not dry as quickly as polyester, but it may be far more breathable to prevent sweating and chafing.

2. Sun Protection

More often than not, when you look at shirts designed for outdoor activities, they will feature some type of sun protection. Most manufacturers will use materials which block sun rays naturally or use tight threads which add an extra barrier between your skin and UVA/UVB rays.

It’s important to pay close attention to the UPF rating of a shirt to determine how effective it is at keeping you protected. With that said, it’s still highly recommended that you rely on sunscreen as an added layer of protection. This is especially true if you’ve worn the same hiking shirt for multiple excursions.

3. Moisture Wicking

Wicking is a technology which is seemingly in most performance shirts, and for good reason. With its help, your shirt will absorb any sweat and moisture into its threads. The sun will then penetrate the fibers of the shirt and dry moisture so that you don’t feel like you’re wearing a soggy long-sleeve shirt for the entirety of your hike.

One of the largest advantages to moisture-wicking is it can be found with both polyester and cotton shirts, so you’ll likely experience the true feeling of staying cool and dry all day long. In colder weather, it’s recommended that you layer your performance shirt with a heavier hoodie to keep you warm.

4. Adjustable Sleeves

Even though you’re searching for long sleeves for a reason, you never know when you might want to roll them up, especially in warm weather. With most shirts, you should be able to cuff them yourself but they may be prone to falling down with every movement.

Instead, finding a performance shirt with special cuffs will help to make sure the sleeves stay in place. Adjustable sleeves also give you the ability to create a more tailored fit if the shirt you have chosen is longer in the arms than you expected.

5. Fit

Every shirt fits differently, especially as every person has a different body shape. You’ll want to pay close attention to any details about the fit of your hiking shirt, as it could make it easier or more difficult to wear. If you want something which sits closer to your skin, opt for a form or tailored fit.

Alternatively, shirts with a looser or baggier fit are recommended for someone who doesn’t like the feeling of a tight-fitting shirt. They are better for using as secondary layers and allow optimal airflow when you’re on an outdoor trek. However, you might find a looser fitting shirt won’t be as effective at wicking away moisture.

Our Final Recommendation

In terms of the best lightweight long sleeve hiking shirt, we highly recommend the Columbia PFG Super Tamiami Shirt since it has everything you’d expect from a performance shirt in a more sleek and stylish look.

You’ll have Omni-Shade technology which offers UPF 40+ and protects you from sunburn and skin damage. You’ll also love how the shirt features a mesh interior for breathability and all-day comfort


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