The 5 Best Belly Band Holster for Running

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If you don’t have time to read the entire review and just want to find out what the best belly band holster for running is, then we recommend the Big SheBang! Hip Hugger as the best choice.

Looking for the best belly band holster? Want the ability to protect yourself while out running? But concerned about safety? See the best belly band holsters that are safe, comfortable, sturdy, lightweight and easy to care for. Find the choice that is perfect for your safety and well-being while running or exercising alone at night.

The 5 Best Belly Band Holster for Running: A Review

The ComfortTac Ultimate Belly Band Holster is clearly designed with a lot of attention to detail, which also makes it one of the heftier belly bands on this list. If you’re looking for a more tactical inspired holster, this is easily the best one for you to choose.

Product Highlights

The top highlights of the ComfortTac Ultimate Belly Band Holster include:

  • Adjustable Band: The neoprene belly band is designed to fit hips up to 44” and the material is stretchy so it can adapt to your curves. Compared to other holsters, this one is quite comfortable to wear against your skin.
  • Specialized Holster: Crafted from surgical-grade elastic, this holster is designed to deal with full size, compact, and subcompact revolvers and pistols. This includes 9mm, 40 auto, 38 special, 357, and 10mm guns.
  • Multi-Position: You can wear the belly band in plenty of ways depending on what is most comfortable for you. You can wear it directly against your skin, outside of your pants, across your appendix, at your back, or even so you can cross draw.
  • Right- or Left-Hand Models: Two different types of belly bands are available for you to buy depending on whether you are left- or right-handed.
  • Spare Pocket: With the help of the extra pocket, you can store an extra magazine or ammunition or any other valuables you might want to bring with you on your run.


  • The gun stays secure while running
  • Easy to hand wash
  • Easy to conceal under clothing
  • Magazine pocket is ideal for IDs and cards
  • Doesn’t add much weight


  • The neoprene gets moist from sweat
  • Mag pouch poor for holding magazines
  • May experience limited movement

The BravoBelt Belly Band Holster is a great option for runners since it is specifically designed to fit underneath athletic gear. As a comfortable holster for those with concealed carry permits, it’s perfect for both men and women who want to protect themselves while running or who are in training.

Product Highlights

The main features of the BravoBelt Belly Band Holster include:

  • Flex Fit Design: This belly band is clearly designed to be comfortable to wear all day long. It has perforated neoprene sitting comfortably against the body as well as a CoolVent to allow optimal airflow to prevent excessive sweating.
  • Adjustable Band: Similar to the previous belly band, this one can be adjusted up to 44”, depending on the size of your waist or hips. With the help of Flex Fit, it will create a more customized fit to the contours of your body.
  • Easy to Wear: Another huge advantage to this belly band is it allows you to discreetly carry your firearm in numerous styles of clothing ranging from gym shorts to yoga pants. In addition, it’s compatible with plenty of weapons, including Kimbers, Berettas, Ruger, and Beras.
  • Easy Snap Retention: Instead of having to deal with Velcro or clips while running, this holster offers Easy Snap retention so that you can easily keep your firearm secure while running.
  • Ambidextrous Holster: You can easily rotate the holster to the right- or left-hand side, depending on your draw preference. You can also wear it AIWB, behind your hip, at the small of your back, or on your shoulder.


  • Comfortable to wear
  • Room for plenty of valuables
  • Easy to use and customizable straps


  • Guns may become caught on the stitching
  • Generates a lot of heat
  • Slides around with sweat

If you’re searching for a slim and discreet concealed carry band, this is one of the better options to choose. The Tacticshub Belly Band Holster has plenty of great features, such as innovative anti-sweat technology, which are designed to make it more comfortable to wear while running.

Product Highlights

The best features of the Tacticshub Belly Band Holster include:

  • Slim Appeal: As mentioned, this belly band is fantastic for men and women who want a discreet way to carry their firearms without needing extra accessories. You can adjust the band fully to make it slimmer or larger, depending on your body type. It’s also designed to be worn under various types of clothes ranging from business suits to running gear.
  • Breathable Materials: Made from highly breathable neoprene, it’s very likely you won’t have to worry about excessive sweat while running. The material also features anti-sweat technology which allows your body to breathe comfortably as if you weren’t wearing a holster.
  • Snap Closure: With the addition of the metal button on the holster, you can access your firearm easily and quietly if needed. In addition, the gun isn’t likely to snag on any material or threading when drawn.
  • Highly Versatile: This holster is recommended for many types of firearms, including pistols and revolvers. It features a long elastic strap and a large area for the barrel to rest, making it ideal for midsize, full-size, and compact handguns.


  • Keeps pistol snug
  • Easy to run with
  • Gun doesn’t jostle while running
  • Has extra pockets for cellphones and IDs


  • Doesn’t have a trigger guard
  • Gets moderately sweaty
  • Extra magazines aren’t secured

With a universal design meant to fit all types of pistols, the Aikate Concealed Carry Band is a versatile belly band to consider. Even though it’s not directly marketed to runners, it has plenty of user-friendly features which make it easy to use.

Product Highlights

The main features of the Aikate Concealed Carry Band include:

  • Universal Design: You can easily fit midsize, subcompact, and compact revolvers or pistols, such as Kajrs, Beras, Kel Tec, Walthers, into this concealed carry belly band.
  • Easy Gun Release: This belly band features deep concealment but it is easy to use when you need to release your gun. Instead of using Velcro to keep the weapon in place, it features an Easy Snap retention system. It’s far more quiet and easier to access than Velcro.
  • Flexible Carry Options: With the ability to wear the holster in numerous ways, you’ll have full control over how you conceal your handgun. You can wear it behind your hip, open carry, at your shoulder, or cross draw.
  • Perforated Neoprene: Similar to the other belly bands on this list, this band is created using perforated neoprene and CoolVent technology. This allows a reasonable amount of airflow through the band so that you can wear it for hours without feeling too uncomfortable.
  • Included Magazine Pouch: As a bonus, every order will come with a magazine pouch so that you can keep an extra set of ammo on you while running. Alternatively, you can use the magazine pouch to keep your smartphone safe during your jog.


  • Easy to handwash
  • Comfortable while running
  • Keeps guns safely secured
  • Breathable material
  • Barely prints and keeps gun close


  • Uncomfortable for plus-size wearers
  • Magazine pouch may fall off

At first glance, the Big SheBang! Hip Hugger looks rather simple in its design, but it has plenty of phenomenal features which ensure it will last over years of wear. If you want a slimming band which will keep your weapon secure and make you comfortable, this is one of the better options.

Product Highlights

The main features of the Big SheBang! Hip Hugger include:

  • Military-Grade Elastic Band: By far, the most impressive feature of this belly band is it’s constructed using military-grade elastic which is hypoallergenic and non-slip. This makes it incredibly comfortable and reliable to wear throughout the day and while running.
  • Versatile Carry: There are three different holster positions you can use to your advantage, as you can holster your gun at your appendix and on the side of your back.
  • Three Additional Pockets: On the belly band, you’ll notice there are three pockets for you to use to keep all of your valuables while running. They can also be used to hold additional protective gear, such as a taser.
  • Hook and Eye Closure: Instead of using a snap system or Velcro, the Big SheBang! Hip Hugger has a hook and eye closure to give you a more comfortable and adjustable fit.


  • Doesn’t stretch out over time
  • Snug and tight fit
  • Sturdy elastic
  • Comfortable while running
  • Makes concealed carry more convenient


  • No trigger guard
  • Hot to wear in the summer

Buyer’s Guide

Once you start looking for a belly band to wear while running to conceal your weapon, there are plenty of features to consider for your safety as well as your comfort. As long as can find a holster with the following features, you’ll have an accessory to make your runs safer:

1. Material

The first thing to look out for is the material type the belly band is made from. You’ll want to make sure you’re opting for a breathable and soft material which will adapt to the contours of your body. Otherwise, you’ll feel like you’re wearing a cumbersome holster, especially when you’re running.

Neoprene seems to be the most popular material for most running concealed carry belly bands as it is breathable but also stretchy enough to create a more customized fit. If you can find a neoprene band with cooling vents, you’ll be far less likely to sweat through the material.

2. Holster Closure

When you secure your weapon, you’ll need to have easy access to it in an emergency. How easy it is to draw depends on the type of holster closure you choose, as you’ll want something that is quiet and easy to undo. Ideally, a metal button clasp is your best bet compared to Velcro.

As Velcro is naturally loud and can wear away over time, especially as you open and close it often, it’s not recommended. A metal button, on the other hand, can silently be opened but also ensures your weapon is secured perfectly while being jostled around during your run.

3. Storage

Even though belly bands are designed primarily to hold your weapon and extra ammo, you’ll want to consider a band which comes with additional storage. Whether you need to keep your running chews or your smartphone with you at all times, everything should fit comfortably in separate pockets on the band.

4. Adjustability

Everyone has a different body shape, which is why it’s important to find a highly adjustable belly band. Although neoprene is a stretchy material, you’ll want to be able to loosen and tighten the holster as necessary. The best concealed-carry bands will have different levels of Velcro or a hook and eye closure which you can use to adjust the size with ease.

5. Trigger Guard

As mentioned, your safety is of the utmost importance and as such, your holster should have a trigger guard on it. This is basically an extra step of protection for keeping your firearm from discharging. Not all belly bands come with a trigger guard, but you can easily install one yourself if you’ve found a band you love.

Our Final Recommendation

Our choice for the best belly band holster for running is the Big SheBang! Hip Hugger because it is made from military-grade materials and offers the snuggest fit without uncomfortable printing. With multiple pockets for all of your valuables and a highly breathable elastic, it’s the perfect partner for running. With that said, it doesn’t have a trigger guard, but one can easily be installed afterward.
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