7 Best Walking Sandals for Men in 2023

Do your feet sometimes smell, hurt, or just get too sweaty too often? That’s probably because you haven’t adopted better walking habits yet.

If you slip on a pair of the best walking sandals for men, you may find that your feet feel and look a lot healthier.

Exposing them to fresh air even when walking, not keeping them tightly enclosed in regular footwear, can do a lot to improve your foot health.

And wearing the right sandals may also help relieve some of the pain you feel as a result of injury or conditions such as diabetes or arthritis, among others.

In this article, check out some of the finest sandals for walking that you can wear right now.

In this article, we’re going to review the following Best Walking Sandals for Men:

Best Walking Sandals for Men Reviews

1. Best Overall Option: Alpine Orthotic Sandal

Walking Sandals for Men_Alpine Orthotic Sandal | Best Overall Option: Alpine Orthotic Sandal | best sandals for men

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The Alpine Orthotic Sandals come in 13 sizes and three different widths – regular, wide, and extra-wide.

They’re designed to accommodate men of any age, height, and weight. This is just one of the things that makes them some of the best walking sandals for men.

Their superior engineering is what takes them one step above the competition. Each sandal features an ergonomic stride sole, two fitting spacers of different thickness, and an anatomical insole.

This combination provides one of the most comfortable feels for long walks.

With the adjustable upper and heel strap, you can guarantee a fit as tight or loose as you want, depending on any current injuries or simply to satisfy your level of comfort.

The sole is designed to reduce heel pain and the antimicrobial foam and fabric in the sandals help reduce the amount of sweat and bacteria that can develop.

This is yet another reason why these sandals work well in almost any type of weather as well as on very long walks.

The wider toe box is a neat design feature that should help you feel more comfortable if you have sensitive feet, or often have issues with bunions or hammertoes.

Although the insoles are high-quality, they’re also removable so you can slide in custom orthotics that provide other benefits.

It’s also worth noting that this is a Medicare certified walking sandal, which just goes to show how comfortable they are and how much they can assist with foot pain relief.

Another design feature, called the Ortho-Cushion System, is what enables the foot to move forward, as its aided by a spring in the back. This also helps soften impacts and makes the sandals more suitable for rougher terrain.

If you prefer walking to running when it comes to weight loss, these sandals may be a better choice in footwear.

Not only do they keep your feet comfortable, but they also ensure your feet won’t be over-pronated, but in a neutral position, in order to keep your ankle safe and reduce foot fatigue.

Also, because the sandals promote good posture and minimize impact, the benefits should extend well above your feet all the way to your knees, hips, and lower back.

That’s why they’re most useful for people with diabetes, arthritis, or anyone else that has trouble walking with sneakers on.


  • Improves the support and alignment
  • Removable insoles and spacers
  • Pliable and adjustable uppers for custom fitting
  • Cushioning heel that propels the foot forward
  • 60-day wear test available


  • Only available in two colors
  • The sizing may not be 100% accurate in all models

2. Runner-Up Option: Merrell Kahuna 4 Strap Sandals

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Not all the best walking sandals for men need to offer specific medical benefits. Some sandals are just made for walking and to endure wear and tear. The Merrel Kahuna sandals are a great example of this, given their durability and level of comfort.

These are hiking sandals that should keep you comfortable and on firm footing even when walking on gravel or uneven terrain. The sandals are also suitable around water, although they don’t dry very fast and are not ideal for crossing streams.

That said, the comfort comes from many design features, one of which is the mesh upper. It’s light and breathable, and also helps regulate your foot temperature in very dry and hot weather. For skin comfort the Merrel uses a padded neoprene lining.

Merrel’s Air Cushion technology does a good job of absorbing impact shocks. Together with the EVA footbed and midsole, it also provides better stability … at least when compared to other sandals.

One of the best design features is the Vibram TC5 outsole. This is what can give you better traction on both wet and dry surfaces.

It’s also worth noting that the Merrel Kahuna are lightweight, yet another feature that increases the level of comfort. But they’re not without drawbacks. When it comes to sizing, width and length, they aren’t always on point.

There’s some upper adjustability too that may fix some of the width inconsistencies, but they’re not as fully adjustable as others.

Plus, the sandals don’t feature removable insoles or spacers which may inconvenience men with very particular needs. That said, the sandals are thick, shock absorbent, and have great traction if you can find the right fit.


  • EVA midsole and footbed for improved stability
  • Vibram TC5+ outsole that offers great traction
  • Neoprene lining with decent padding
  • Breathable mesh upper for temperature control
  • Can handle light rain weather conditions


  • Both width and length sizing inconsistencies
  • No removable insoles or spacers for better fitting

3. Best Value for the Money: Cambria Men’s Sandals

Walking Sandals for Men_Cambria Men’s Sandals | Best Value for the Money: Cambria Men’s Sandals | best fisherman sandals

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Cambria Men’s Sandals are affordable and very good in terms of keeping your feet comfortable over various types of terrain. The sandals feature padding on the upper in order to eliminate common pressure points. This allows you to wear them for longer.

The 2-way strap system is a nice design feature that allows more width adjustability. It also makes the sandals easier to put on and take off. They offer even more for men with wider feet, given that they range in sizes from medium through extra-wide.

The wide toe box allows plenty of movement and eliminates pressure. Again, this helps accommodate men with wide feet.

You may also appreciate the seamless interior lining which is soft and creates a smooth cushion for your skin. It also protects against friction in case of a loose fit and provides more support.

One of the things that sets this design apart is the arch booster feature. It’s a removable support component which you can place under the insole. This can reduce the heel and ball pressure and provide more support and stability when walking.

If you’re walking for more than just leisure, and you’re picking up this habit to better your health, then these sandals can really make a difference. Their insoles are orthotic and boast many cushioning layers.

This creates a pillow-like effect that not only eases pain but also promotes a neutral posture that eases the strain all the way up to your hips and lower back.

The fact that the sandals come in 13 sizes and three widths means that they’re easy enough to fit. And even though they’re not as durable as hiking sandals, for example, the fact that they’re affordable makes them a good choice for walking in the city on a hot day.


  • High-quality orthotic insoles for extra comfort
  • Interior seams-free lining and padded upper
  • Removable arch support
  • Lots of adjustability to accommodate wide feet


  • Not the most water resistant
  • May not accommodate custom insoles

4. Best Value Walking Sandals: Teva Mens Katavi 2 Sport Sandal

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One of the most budget-friendly walking sandals are the Teva Katavi sport sandals. They combine leather and textile fabric for comfort when walking in the city. The hook-and-loop closure is standard but also very reliable, making it easy to loosen or tighten the fit.

If you have sensitive feet, the EVA footbed support provides some shock absorption as well as arch support. The arch support comes from its contoured shape that’s been designed with men’s feet in mind.

Another interesting feature is the nylon shank. This is what makes these true value sandals. Not only does it provide stability, but it does so even when you’re walking on uneven terrain, meaning that you can take these sandals for a walk anywhere you want.

The outsole is made of a rugged rubber material with a high resistance to wear and tear. The traction it provides is great on dry terrain but it will also work well on wet concrete and gravel.

When walking on sand or muddy terrain, you may not get enough traction and power in your feet to move around comfortably.

Unfortunately, Teva doesn’t offer its Katavi sandals in many sizes, yet they do cater to men with bigger feet; you can find these in sizes 12 and 13.

And the sandals are on the wider side so that should work in their favor. But it does mean that men with narrow feet might have difficulties getting a tight enough fit from the straps alone.

If you like accessorizing, these probably aren’t the sports sandals you imagined. They only come in two colors – black olive and walnut. Truth be told, they actually look more like casual wear sandals.

Yet the aesthetics shouldn’t ruin their reputation as cheap and comfortable sandals that you can take on wet and dry terrain any day of the week.

Just remember that unlike other, more high-end sandals, these do come with a breaking in period.

During the first few days, or just first few hours if you’re lucky, you may experience chafing from the upper because it’s not as padded as other models, nor does it have a super smooth lining.

But once you break them in, they should hug your feet comfortably and allow you to walk outside for hours without overheating or chafing.


  • Can handle dry and wet terrain
  • Very durable rubberized outsole with firm traction
  • Good arch support and stability
  • Made from quality leather and textile materials
  • Good for men with larger feet


  • They may take a while to break in
  • No removable insole or spacers

5. Best Closed Toe Walking Sandals: Keen Men’s Newport H2

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For some people the best walking sandals for men will always be closed toe sandals. Of course, you can’t argue with preference too much. The Keen Newport H2 sandals are comfortable and offer a lot more protection.

They’re better suited for hiking and walking on gravel or rocky terrain since they protect the toes from splinters, rocks, branches, and pretty much a variety of potential injuries.

Yet they may also overheat your feet more since they’re not as open and aerated as traditional sandals.

That said, let’s talk comfort. The Newport H2 sandals feature an EVA footbed, arch support, and an EVA midsole with extra cushioning. The compression-molded midsole offers a lot of comfort and relieves the pressure from your feet.

In terms of traction, the lugs and razor siping do a lot to help you maintain your footing and balance on wet terrain.

What’s also cool is the fact that the rubber outsoles don’t leave marks on the ground or on smooth surfaces, like wooden flooring or marble. This means that you don’t have to worry if you wear them inside your home.

Another thing that makes these even more protective and durable is the water-resistant upper. It’s made of a washable polyester webbing and a special lining that dries very quickly.

This means that you can cross streams in the sandals without worrying that they’ll fall apart.

It’s also worth noting that these come in a wide variety of color patterns and sizes, even up to size 17.

Therefore, the range of men that can find them useful is quite extensive. And yet, these sandals aren’t made for people with serious issues such as diabetes or arthritis.

They’re not that supportive and the fit tends to be tighter rather than looser. Although the sandals promote a correct posture, they’re not best equipped to reduce the strain on your knees, hips, or lower back.


  • Very good protection for your toes
  • Water-resistant exterior and interior lining on the upper
  • Suitable for almost all types of terrain
  • Padded insole and decent arch support
  • They provide some pressure relief in the heel area
  • Available in several sizes and colors


  • Not enough support
  • Don’t accommodate men that need extra-wide footwear

6. All-Around Performance Walking Sandals: Chaco Men’s Zvolv 2

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The Chaco Zvolv 2 sandals fit in the performance walking sandals category best. They do a great job of liberating your feet by using a strap only design that’s very adjustable and very breathable. To all intents and purposes, these may just be the sandals you can wear for the longest amount of time without overheating or tiring out.

The outsole on the Zvolv 2 is quite interesting. If you’re an eco-friendly guy, you may appreciate the fact that the treads are made from 25% recycled rubber.

That may not say a lot about the performance, but the Z-style lugs do as they provide great traction on flat terrain, while also helping you walk faster on an inclined plane.

One of the most interesting features is the toe loop. To some this may seem constrictive but in fact it offers more stability and security, especially when you’re walking fast.

If you’re a morning walker looking to lose some weight but you keep burning up in your sneakers, this toe loop design will help you pick up the pace without losing your footing.

When it comes to durability, the Zvolv 2 are sturdier than they look, despite having a 100% textile upper. Those straps have some elasticity to them and they’re thick enough to withstand everyday abuse.

The heel risers are also high-quality and do more than simply provide additional support.

Perhaps the main reason why these sandals are stronger than they look is that fact that they’re so adjustable. This makes it easy for you to get the perfect fit each time you put them on, whether your feet are swollen or not.


  • Wide range of adjustability
  • Toe loop design for additional support and balance
  • Z-style lugs for good traction on flat and inclined terrain
  • Very strong upper wraps and heel risers
  • Super breathable and ideal for very hot weather


  • Won’t work as hiking sandals because they lack protection
  • No padded lining or upper may cause discomfort for sensitive feet

7. Best Sandal for Sweaty Feet: Gubarun Flip Flops

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Flip-flops, or thong sandals as some call them, are your best bet if you have sweaty feet. The reason is perhaps self-explanatory but having no straps on the upper, heel or midsole support means that more of your foot is uncovered.

Sure, this means that your foot is more likely to slide forward, which is known to cause friction between toes. That said, sandals don’t get more breathable than these. The design is made for pure and unrestricted airflow.

And don’t think Gubarun Flip Flops are regular flip-flops either. They feature a thick and cushioned sole as well as a sturdy footbed which provides very good arch support. You can still maintain a normal foot posture when walking in these Gubarun thong sandals.

The outsole is also non-slip, as is the sole − a very important feature if you want to make safe sandals for sweaty feet. Not only do you get traction on the terrain, but you also maintain a steady grip on your sandals.

This also helps solve the aforementioned problem with sliding forward and creating friction between the toes.

The midsole is a bit loose but it’s also very soft. It won’t overheat, it hugs the foot really well and it’s also punctured for additional ventilation. All features that make the sandals suitable for walking in really hot weather.

One of the standout trademarks of these sandals is that they look like regular flip-flops but behave more like sandals. As such, you could take them well beyond concrete and sand and even walk with them on gravel or other uneven terrain.


  • Comfortable and aerated midsole
  • Superior all-around breathability
  • Great arch support and outsole sturdiness
  • Good water resistance
  • Nonslip sole to prevent feet from sliding forwards


  • No heel or toe protection to speak of
  • Only good for casual walking, not power walking
  • Not everyone can handle walking in flip-flops

Final Recommendation

Sandals might not be everyone’s first choice in footwear. But they can look really good and feel even better if you give them a chance.

Aside from the men that actually benefit from them for medical reasons, the majority should feel most comfortable in the Alpine Orthotic Sandals.

These sandals have a design that revolves around pressure relief, overall comfort, breathability, and adjustability in three dimensions.

Between their multiple removable insoles and spacers, different widths, and strap adjustments, among other great features, they’re just too well-rounded and really hard to beat.

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