Is Hiking Considered a Hobby or a Sport?

is hiking a hobby | benefits of hiking | is hiking a sport

Hiking is a wonderful activity that provides fun and enjoyment. It also can provide a good workout… depending on the difficulty, pace, and elevation change of the hike.  So, why is the jury out on whether or not is hiking is a hobby or a sport?  Because on paper, it seems that it could be classified … Read more

7 Best Socks for Rucking & Ruck Marching in 2023

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If you don’t have time to read the entire review and just want to find the best socks for rucking, we recommend the Darn Tough Tactical Boot Cushion Sock. Rucking is challenging enough without anything holding you back. Typically, people focus on finding an excellent pair of rucking boots. But they’re useless without the right socks. … Read more

4 Steps to Wash Your Darn Tough Socks

how to wash darn tough socks | how long do darn tough socks last | how often to wash merino wool socks

Who likes smelly feet? #Nobody! Seriously, unless you have some sort of weird fetish, smelly feet are gross. And that’s why I wash my socks after every HIIT workout and hike. Well, at least I did… until I got myself a pair of Darn Tough socks.  After learning I didn’t have to wash my Darn … Read more

Why Do People Like Hiking? 11 Simple Reasons Why

why do people like hiking | why is hiking enjoyable | why i love hiking essay

I’ve done a fair amount of hiking in my day, and have enjoyed it greatly. Many people enjoy the health benefits and the diversity of hiking. You rarely get bored, especially when hiking in unfamiliar surroundings. And even if you have hiked the same trails before, there are always new things to see… if you … Read more