Is Rucking Bad for Your Back? Our Answer…

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Whether you’ve just started rucking, or been rucking for a while, chances are you’ve experienced some back pain. And if you haven’t yet fallen in love with this cardio-muscle building exercise, it may be because you are cautious… asking yourself the question, “is rucking bad for your back?”  This is a valid concern to have, … Read more

Trekking VS Hiking: What’s the Difference?

trekking vs hiking | trekking vs hiking differences | diffrences between trekking vs hiking

Trekking and hiking are outdoor activities that involve walking for an extended period. While people often use the terms interchangeably, there are some significant distinctions. In terms of the trekking vs. hiking debate, you must consider the location, distance, and time necessary to complete the route. However, before discussing the subject in greater detail, let’s … Read more

Are Duck Boots Good For Hiking? Our Answer…

duck boots for hiking | can you use duck boots for hiking | are duck boots used for hiking

Planning for a hike can be overwhelming, especially when trying to choose the perfect clothing and footwear to accommodate the weather and your location. That said, hiking has many benefits… which is why I like to teach hiking and camping enthusiasts ways to keep themselves feeling comfortable and safe on their adventure. This way they’ll … Read more