12 Best CrossFit Apps for iOS & Android in 2024

CrossFit is one of the hottest exercise phenomenons to hit America in the past 20 years. CrossFitters are loyal and committed to the exercise and sport they love. Some might go as far as to say they are obsessed with the workouts.

CrossFitters will often network online and use CrossFit apps to further enhance their experience, always in search for accountability partners and new ideas.  You’ll see these people rolling tires and squatting fenders in old warehouses.  It’s all about pushing their limits.

What is CrossFit?

CrossFit is a form of high-intensity interval training (or HITT). CrossFit is a strength and conditioning workout that is made up of functional movements that are performed at high-intensity levels.

These are usually focused on free weights, Olympic-style exercises, and using a participant’s own body weight. Most often, these movements are actions that you perform in your day-to-day life, like squatting, pushing, and pulling.

There are many CrossFit apps available for the avid participant. In this article, I’m going to provide a list of some of the best CrossFit apps for iOS and Android in 2024.  

Many of them are geared toward CrossFit’s WOD, or Workout of the Day, and most are compatible with smartwatches and fitness bracelets. 

12 Best CrossFit Apps

1. Time2WOD

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Time2WOD is a highly customizable timer app for iOS, designed for CrossFit and HIIT workouts. Its advanced features make it the ideal companion for timing your workouts accurately.

There is no need to worry about the learning curve for using this app. It is similar in appearance to the iOS Music app, which gives you a familiar interface to work with. Simply tap on “START” to access the list of timers and make your choice from there.

In the event that your phone suddenly shuts down or you accidentally close the app while it’s running, it still provides accurate timing. When you relaunch the app, you’ll find that it continues counting down (or up) right where you left off.

The free version of this app offers basic yet powerful types of timers suitable for different types of workouts, including count-up timer, countdown timer, interval timer, and a Tabata timer.

This app also comes with a precise search feature that allows you to find a specific timer based on keywords found in the workout title or workout routine.

A paid version gives you additional perks such as access to a timer database with over 400 preconfigured timers based on popular WODs.

You can also create an unlimited number of customizable timers, whereas the free version only lets you create up to three customizable timers. The paid version also allows you to create a backup and restore your timers across devices.

2. Beyond the Whiteboard

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For Android | For IOS

Beyond the Whiteboard is an excellent free CrossFit app that specifically focuses on the Workout of the Day.

It can connect you to a number of WODs and tracks your stats, your workout specifics, and even connects to your gym. It offers free daily programming and also includes workouts related to dumbbells, bodyweight workouts, and no-weight workouts.

In addition to the workouts, they also allow you to track your nutrition through the use of macros and barcode scanning, to incorporate all the info you’ll need into your personalized program.

You get access to movement videos, varying fitness levels, keeping your past results and a number of other features when you sign up.

Beyond the Whiteboard analyzes and offers workout suggestions for your total fitness and lifestyle habits, including nutrition and sleep.

3. SugarWOD

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For Android | For IOS

SugarWOD is an app that brings members of a CrossFit box together, inside and outside their gym. They offer affordable programs for gym members and coaches to stay connected, track their results, and feature a lot of WOD content, so workouts stay interesting.

You will have access to “BoxTV”, which can be used on your box floor to introduce workouts. Or display your members’ achievements on screens in the gym or waiting area.

You can go completely digital, or keep it old-school, as screens are optional in SugarWOD’s mobile-first system.

The pricing for the app varies, depending on the number of CrossFit athletes and coaches that are registered. Pricing plans range from $4.97 a month for up to 5 CrossFit participants to $157 a month for up to 250 CrossFit athletes registered.

The price per CrossFit participant lowers with the higher number of athletes enrolled in it.

4. WODster

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For Android

You’ll be able to kill your workout of the day with one of the hundreds of WOD choices in WODster. You are able to create and save your own workouts or take a picture of the whiteboard at your home CrossFit box to use at a later date. 

The WODster app includes countdown, Tabata, and stopwatch timing. If you have a difficult time trying to decide on a workout of the day, WODster will randomly choose one for you to get you back on track and moving forward with your workout.

The WODster app is free and offers in-app purchases. Upgrade from the free app to WODster Pro, and you’ll be able to customize whatever spending level you are comfortable with to get all the extras you want or need.

5. WOD Roulette

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For Android | For IOS

WOD Roulette is a useful app for newer CrossFit participants. One of the more difficult things as a rookie CrossFitter is knowing which workout of the day to do when you’re first starting out. With a multitude of choices out there, WOD Roulette helps solve the issue.

Since CrossFit incorporates numerous elements of workouts and fitness types, WOD Roulette is a great option to start.

The delivery method is really simple: You simply click the roulette wheel or shake your phone. Then numerous workout of the day choices show up. You choose the one that looks best and then you can get started right away. 

There is a large supply of WODs in the collection, from classic workouts to all new ones. Among the voluminous library of workout types, there are max lifts, ladder-style workouts, team workouts, body movement exercises, and many more.

You may also want to try endurance regimens like walking, jogging, running, and biking, to shake things up. This app is also free initially, with in-app purchases, should you want more options.

6. Morning Chalk Up

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For Android | For IOS

Morning Chalk Up is a fun, free app that focuses on CrossFit news, among other things.

There are also workouts you can download and do at your local box, profiles of other CrossFit members, and all sorts of blogs related to numerous areas of the CrossFit community. 

There’s also a section that deals specifically with the yearly CrossFit games. There are updated current standings, season schedules of events, plus other CrossFit events around the country.

Morning Chalk Up is a great app and resource for keeping up with CrossFit news and all things CrossFit. 


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For Android | For IOS

ROMWOD Mobility + Stretching app has over 100,000 downloads and focuses on mobility and stretching workouts of the day. Their plans start at $13.95 a month and affiliate programs run $139.95. They offer 7 day free trials and longer, extended trials for military and first responder clients.

ROMWOD is a great choice for people who need to focus on mobility and stretching in their CrossFit routines and workout of the day.

There are many options available to stream and download. There are workouts and programs available for all fitness levels, from beginner to intermediate and advanced CrossFitters.

8. CrossFit Games

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For Android | For IOS

The CrossFit Games app is a free CrossFit app that deals with the CrossFit games. CrossFit Games takes the “gamification” of CrossFit competition up to the next virtual level.

The app consistently releases new and updated workouts that everyone can download and participate in.

There is a results leaderboard showing each competitor how they’re doing in comparison to other app users who are doing the same workouts.

The app also ensures that nobody is cheating by using a movement standards guide to guarantee that people who are using the app are logging the same activities.

Try CrossFit Games out and see if it gets your competitive juices flowing.

9. Smart WOD Timer

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For Android | For IOS

The SmartWOD Timer app offers a wide range of workout timers for the most common CrossFit and fast-paced high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts. The app features a simple interface that has large easy-to-use buttons, swiping motions and workout round counting.

There are also timed sounds, and upbeat music to help keep you motivated and increase the intensity and consistency of your workouts from the beginning to the end of each.

Smart WOD Timer is a free app that offers additional in-app purchases. You can use all the free options within the app, and then opt to try the paid aspects of the app.

Either way, you will enjoy the timers to keep moving at a faster pace, and the simple interface to keep active without distraction.

10. SmartWOD Workout Generator

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For Android | For IOS

SmartWOD Workout Generator is one of the top-rated CrossFit workout apps for Android users, as it relates to time-based Workouts of the Day and other CrossFit exercises.

The app features a collection of over 5000 workouts in its built-in library, including open workouts, endurance-geared exercises and workouts, and gymnast-type exercises. There is a built-in timer with all these workouts to test your speed and agility levels. 

SmartWOD Workout Generator is free to install, contains ads and, like most CrossFit WOD apps, contains in-app purchases. The WOD of the day finder and HIIT workout generator are based on the availability of the equipment you have at your local box.

11. Trifecta

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For Android | For IOS

This awesome CrossFit app has an incredible amount of workouts of the day in its WOD library of more than 1000 routines. These are all endorsed and taught by the well-known celebrity trainer Brooke Ence.

The app also contains one of the most advanced and detailed calorie meters, which helps you keep a strict log of your daily diet information.

In addition to that, the app will never allow you to get dehydrated. Simply log in the amount of water you need to drink daily, and monitor the log throughout your day, until you’ve achieved your daily hydration/water-intake goal.

Trifecta is another app that is free to install and features in-app purchases.

12. Wodstalk

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For Android | For IOS

Wodstalk is touted as the ultimate app for CrossFit and weightlifting while being able to save and track your results. Wodstalk lets you keep all of your CrossFit record achievements and RM scores in one place.

Your scores are stored on your device and they’re also backed up to the cloud. This gives you support when you’re both online or offline. If you’re a long-time CrossFit trainer or just a beginner, Wodstalk can help you conquer your goals.

Wodstalk is a free app for Android and iOS, and also contains in-app purchases if you’d like more options to get the most out of your workout of the day.

Its user-friendly interface and cloud storage make it a favorite with CrossFit users and its 4.8 rating is among the highest of all CrossFit apps.

Final Thoughts on the Best CrossFit Apps

CrossFit participants are very dedicated and loyal to their sport. For prime results, and to optimize their workout of the day, they often require apps and tools such as these to achieve their goals.

You should check out some or all of the options I’ve briefly gone over here… and I also encourage you to ask around for some other suggestions. We’d love to hear about others in the comments section below!

There is no one-size-fits-all app for everyone… you know your body and what you want to get from it. At the end of the day, don’t settle until you find the one that works for you.  

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