4 Steps to Wash Your Darn Tough Socks

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Who likes smelly feet? #Nobody! Seriously, unless you have some sort of weird fetish, smelly feet are gross. And that’s why I wash my socks after every HIIT workout and hike. Well, at least I did… until I got myself a pair of Darn Tough socks.  After learning I didn’t have to wash my Darn … Read more

Why Do People Like Hiking? 11 Simple Reasons Why

why do people like hiking | why is hiking enjoyable | why i love hiking essay

I’ve done a fair amount of hiking in my day, and have enjoyed it greatly. Many people enjoy the health benefits and the diversity of hiking. You rarely get bored, especially when hiking in unfamiliar surroundings. And even if you have hiked the same trails before, there are always new things to see… if you … Read more

Bombas VS Darn Tough: Which Socks Are Best?

bombas vs darn tough | darn tough socks | bombas socks

If you are in a hurry, we recommend Darn Tough socks because they are just so darn tough. The responsibly sourced merino wool makes the Darn Tough socks resilient, durable, comfortable and just right…whether it’s hot or cold because of the wool’s thermoregulation qualities. Other Darn Tough pros are the odor-resistance, moisture-wicking and softness of … Read more

Is Rucking Bad for Your Back? Our Answer…

is rucking bad for your back | is rucking bad for your knees | rucking before and after

Whether you’ve just started rucking, or been rucking for a while, chances are you’ve experienced some back pain. And if you haven’t yet fallen in love with this cardio-muscle building exercise, it may be because you are cautious… asking yourself the question, “is rucking bad for your back?”  This is a valid concern to have, … Read more