6 Powerful Foam Roller Benefits for Your Daily Routine

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There are many foam roller benefits. The most important reason being due to myofascial release. Myofascial release is no secret in the fitness community. In fact, therapists and masseuses use the concepts of myofascial release to treat athletes and have been doing so for decades.  Now, with the advent of foam rollers, athletes and fitness enthusiasts … Read more

9 Health Benefits of Rollerblading: Is It Good Exercise?

benefits of rollerblading | benefits of rollerblading vs running | benefits of roller skating for adults

When I first started rollerblading, I wasn’t sure there would be any health benefits. Rollerblading is definitely a form of exercise, but it felt like too much fun for me – exercise is grueling, right? Rollerblading feels like I’m just gliding over surfaces, but I have noticed I’ve lost a bit of weight and that … Read more

Can You Lose Weight on an Elliptical Machine? (And How Much?)

can you lose weight on an elliptical | is the elliptical enough to lose weight | how fast can you lose weight on an elliptical machine

I come from a very competitive family, and when it comes to weight loss and looking good, I always end up last. I’ve tried crash diets and crazy, shaking-vibrating-heating machines… and yet and I’ve still fallen short of my modest weight loss goal.  So when it came to choosing a new exercise machine, I considered … Read more

5 Best Rucking Apps for iOS & Android in 2022

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New fitness apps seem to be popping up all the time. I know when I go to the App Store, I see the newest and latest app suggestions for workouts, hiking, and more. Unfortunately, there isn’t one or a few rucking-specific apps for your smart device like there are for running, hiking, and other workouts.  … Read more

Can You Put a Treadmill on a Carpet? Our Answer…

can you put a treadmill on carpet | treadmill mats for carpet | best treadmill mat for carpet

When buying a treadmill, one question that often comes to mind is where to place it. Do you have enough space? How heavy is it? After that, there is still one fundamental question most people ignore… can you put a treadmill on carpet?  You’re probably thinking, “I’ll just ask the delivery people.” But you don’t … Read more

Why Do Runners Wear Arm Sleeves in Races?

why do runners wear arm sleeves | why do runners wear a sleeve on one arm | are arm sleeves good for running

We all love watching athletes sprint towards the finish line, right? Whether we know them personally or are watching the Olympic Games on TV.  The adrenaline, the cheers and total excitement surrounding marathoners as they finish their 26 mile journey is palpable. But, what I find even more intriguing is how they still have the … Read more

Jump Rope vs Running: Which is a Better Workout?

If you want a fantastic workout, you may be wondering which is better — running or jumping rope? While it’s a natural question, let’s also remember that the best workout is the workout you love and will do every day. We can compare and contrast different workouts all day long, but the truth is that … Read more

5 Best Women’s Dress Shoes for Walking in 2022

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If you don’t have time to read the entire review and just want to find out what the Best Women’s Dress Shoes for Walking is, then we recommend the Ryka Women’s Devotion Plus 3 Walking Shoe as the best choice. For many reasons, choosing the right pair of walking shoes is a big decision. First … Read more