9 Virtual & Online Running Clubs You Can Join Today

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Running clubs are an awesome and fun way to stay motivated. Meeting people and friends in person to participate in runs, competitions, and races can be both rewarding and challenging. But have you considered joining a virtual running club? You might have heard of running clubs, but may be asking yourself “What is a virtual or … Read more

What to Eat Before Running a 5K

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When it comes to preparing for a 5K… it’s only natural for most people to think about the physical training aspects. The run schedule. The cross training.  The rest days. But what many novice runners often overlook is what to eat before running a 5K. A proper run diet can be just as critical to … Read more

Rucking VS Running: Which Is Better for You?

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If walking isn’t challenging enough, there are two activities you might consider: rucking and running. Since one focuses more on strength training and the other on burning calories, they produce very different results. Fortunately, we’re here to help you make a decision in the rucking vs. running debate. To better understand the two sports, we’ll … Read more