Can You Run without a Big Toe? Our Answer…

can you run without a big toe | can you balance without your big toe | can u walk without a big toe

A friend of mine recently had to have their big toe amputated because of an injury. As an avid runner, they were very concerned about how this big change would affect their lifestyle – running wise, that is.  The big toe, called a hallux, isn’t necessarily something we need for walking or running… is it? … Read more

227 Funny or Clever Walking Challenge Team Names

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Have you ever wanted to participate in a challenge with one of the most impressive walking team names ever? It’s the perfect opportunity to express yourself and have fun! Your team’s name can be as humorous or as clever as you’d like… whatever it takes to get a good laugh and brighten everyone’s moods. The right name … Read more

How to Start Rucking [A Beginner’s Guide]

rucking for beginners | rucking for weight loss | benefits of rucking

Your heart, body and mind crave exercise to remain healthy. This doesn’t have to be vigorous, either. Walking is a perfect form of exercise, as almost anybody in any physical shape, can do it. You can even do it every day if you wanted! Walking provides an excellent cardiovascular workout… and if you step up … Read more

Rollerblading VS Walking: Which Is a Better Workout?

rollerblading vs walking | which is better exercise walking or rollerblading | does roller skating burn more calories than walking

To decide between rollerblading vs. walking, you would have to consider your age, fitness level, and personal preferences. There are several factors to consider while comparing the two, including calories burned, muscles used, time allotted, practicality, etc. If you have never tried rollerblading, hopefully, this article will persuade you to at least give it a … Read more

Yoga VS Walking: Which Is Better for Weight Loss?

yoga vs walking | yoga vs walking for weight loss | is walking or yoga better for weight loss

Starting a weight loss journey can be daunting, but there are plenty of enjoyable and low-impact activities which help you stay in a good mood as you shed the extra weight. You’re probably wondering which is better for losing weight, yoga or walking? Both will give you great results when paired with a healthy diet … Read more