5 Best Collapsible Water Bottles For Traveling (2024 Review)

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Whether you are going camping, caravanning, taking a hike through the countryside, or merely going on vacation, having water with you to drink can make the journey more enjoyable, as well as ensuring you stay properly hydrated while you travel. The problem is that normal bottles can be bulky and take up too much room … Read more

11 Rucking Tips to Safely Enjoy the Experience

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Rucking is excellent exercise. It’s easy enough for those who don’t want to exhaust themselves with over-strenuous activity, yet sufficiently tricky for those who wish to challenge themselves. Even those who have been rucking for years can find new ways of testing themselves with the sport… all while enjoying the weather, meeting new people and getting … Read more

Is Walking Good or Bad for Plantar Fasciitis?

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It is essential to get at least a moderate amount of exercise each day. Walking is often considered to be a great, low-impact activity for keeping your weight in check and your hearth healthy. However, if your feet are in poor health, walking can be the beginning of a vicious cycle that can cause foot pain … Read more