6 Powerful Foam Roller Benefits for Your Daily Routine

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There are many foam roller benefits. The most important reason being due to myofascial release. Myofascial release is no secret in the fitness community. In fact, therapists and masseuses use the concepts of myofascial release to treat athletes and have been doing so for decades.  Now, with the advent of foam rollers, athletes and fitness enthusiasts … Read more

Rucking VS Running: Which Is Better for You?

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If walking isn’t challenging enough, there are two activities you might consider: rucking and running. Since one focuses more on strength training and the other on burning calories, they produce very different results. Fortunately, we’re here to help you make a decision in the rucking vs. running debate. To better understand the two sports, we’ll … Read more

Incline Fast Walk VS Running: Pros & Cons

incline walk vs running | incline walking vs running for fat loss | incline walking vs running on treadmill

Stuck deciding between going for an incline walk and running? That’s not surprising to hear, considering their differences seem nominal to many. Both incline walking and running has their advantages and disadvantages. So, knowing the pros and cons will impact your health for certain. Depending on your situation or unique fitness goal, making the right … Read more

Jogging VS Running: Pros & Cons of Each Type

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Driving around town, hiking in the park… almost everywhere I look, it’s rare if I don’t see someone either jogging or running. If you have a membership at a local gym, you definitely see people jogging or running on a treadmill or possibly on an indoor track. Perhaps this daily reminder of its allure has … Read more

Can You Run without a Big Toe? Our Answer…

can you run without a big toe | can you balance without your big toe | can u walk without a big toe

A friend of mine recently had to have their big toe amputated because of an injury. As an avid runner, they were very concerned about how this big change would affect their lifestyle – running wise, that is.  The big toe, called a hallux, isn’t necessarily something we need for walking or running… is it? … Read more