Front Drive VS Rear Drive Elliptical: Pros, Cons, & Differences

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Congratulations! You’ve decided that it’s time to purchase an elliptical machine for your at-home exercise routine. Elliptical machines can be a fun, safe, low-impact form of exercise… but you know this, which is why you are getting one. So now you’re asking the questions, “Which type of machine is the best for me?” And “Where … Read more

Incline Fast Walk VS Running: Pros & Cons

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Stuck deciding between going for an incline walk and running? That’s not surprising to hear, considering their differences seem nominal to many. Both incline walking and running has their advantages and disadvantages. So, knowing the pros and cons will impact your health for certain. Depending on your situation or unique fitness goal, making the right … Read more

11 Best CrossFit Apps for iOS & Android in 2023

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CrossFit is one of the hottest exercise phenomenons to hit America in the past 20 years. CrossFitters are loyal and committed to the exercise and sport they love. Some might go as far as to say they are obsessed with the workouts. CrossFitters will often network online and use CrossFit apps to further enhance their … Read more